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March 2009 - Posts

  • We Love You Guys!

    We asked you to tweet your love for DevExpress to win a $50 gift card to Starbucks. And the response was overwhelming.

    We love you guys and your entries made us blush.  Be sure to follow @DevExpress on twitter streams and the blogs for future contests.

    The DevExpress community is the best!

    The Big Winners - $50 Starbucks Gift Card

    Guay_normal jrguay: I love @DevExpress because they make me work faster.
    Stop3_normal robertlinton: @devexpress "I love @DevExpress because ... their Silverlight controls rock: AgLayoutControl and AgGridControl...nothing like 'em
    Default_profile_normal Shinjifei: I love @Devexpress because i don't have to use crystal report anymore.
    RoryBecker: I love @DevExpress because ... RefactorPro is a tool I could not do without.
    Daveoharaheadshot-square_normal davidmohara: [I love  @DevExpress because] CodeRush has saved my wrists...and my marriage.

    Honorable Mention - $10 Starbucks Gift Card

    Cm_normal thecodemonk: I love @DevExpress because they care about their customers and quickly respond to issues and concerns.
    Johnpattison100x100_normal jrpattison: I love @DevExpress because XAF helps me produce jaw-dropping line-of-business software at an affordable price.
    N552085688_7501_normal tillig: I love @devexpress because Visual Studio is nearly impossible to extend without DXCore.
    Twitpic_normal ByteMaster: I <3 @devexpress because I can keep my fingers on the keyboard and way from the mouse with CodeRush
    Default_profile_normal mudnug: @devexpress I love @DevExpress because their controls look good.
    Me2_normal onesmartguy: CodeRush helps me code at lightning speed unlike me trying to tweet this msg..maybe TweetRush soon?
    Jungchanavator2_normal JungchanHsieh: I love @DevExpress because it lifts my productivity.
    Avatar_normal ncsoftware: I love @DevExpress because's an all-in-one suite and I no longer am called a component collector! :)
    ncsoftware: I love @DevExpress because is seriously the finest component suite one could ask for! Quality, features, one suite that does it all!
    ncsoftware: I love @DevExpress because ...the docs rock, videos are awesome, subscription is very affordable, people are great, support is great...
    Me_normal jimbarnett: I love @DevExpress because CodeRush/Refactor Pro/XtraCharts are awesome, their licensing doesn't suck,... and Mark Miller's giant head.

    Fun Entries

    Me21_normal JohnJustin: I love @DevExpress because Mark Miller hypnotized me with his huge bald head
    Amelieresult_normal moijojojo: I LOVE @DevExpress because they're lucky enough to have that talented Jude Law-lookalike @JMBucknall on board. RESULT!
    RoryBecker: I love @devexpress.. but it's really time to get some sleep. … :P

    Show the world that your favorite tools are #1. Vote for DevExpress here:

  • Spice up ASP.NET Grids with New Progress Bar Column

    ASPxProgressBar Column Video

    The ASPxGridView's new progress bar column displays numerical data using gorgeous graphics.

    Youthful Theme


    • Graphics illustrate the meaning behind the number
    • Style points == You're a rock star
    • No web design experience necessary

    Did I mention the progress bar column has a unique look with each different ASP.NET theme?

     Aqua Theme

    Check out this short 4 minute Progress Bar Column in GridView video which shows you how to display the new column.

  • Case Study: M and M Software


    Check out this case study from M and M Software which shows a cool web interface built using the same DevExpress ASP.NET controls that are available to you.

    Web-based Filing Cabinet

    M and M Software's new web app, "My Private Filing Cabinet" let's users get rid of their old filing cabinets and store important data online. They used DX controls to make it fast, feature rich and give it a professional designer look.

    This web based application provides features so the users can get rid of their old fashioned filing cabinets. It's called the 'My Private Filing Cabinet' website and it allows you to record and maintain your important information in one comprehensive location.

    Benefits Of Choosing DevExpress

    Click the image to get a closer look and you'll notice the website was built with DevExpress ASP.NET controls. Adding DevExpress controls to their app gave M and M advantages like:

    Superior User Interface

    "We've seen it all during our rigorous search for superior user interface controls and there is nothing better than the Developer Express suite of .NET components" – Gregg Mercede, M and M Software

    Time To Market

    "We began writing our own calendar components until we discovered DevExpress. It is as easy to use as Outlook and more importantly it's on the web. The tons of events DevExpress delivers with their components automates so much code than other companies we have investigated. DevExpress Suite has saved us hundreds of man hours in development." – Gregg Mercede, M and M Software

    Click here and read the full M and M Software case study.

    Online Demo

    Test drive the site now:

    Password   guest1234
  • Download Hotfix for Visual Studio 2008 Property Serialization Issue

    Download KB967253 Hotfix Download and install this latest Microsoft hotfix which corrects the dreaded 'property serialization issue'.

    First The Solution

    Click here to download the 6mb Hotfix KB967253. A single (exe) file which updates your Visual Studio 2008 instance.

    The Issue

    Changes made in Visual Studio designer were not saved when going to the source view. The issue was first found with DevExpress ASP.NET controls. However, after further inspection, we found that this was a general bug with Visual Studio 2008.

    You can see the bug by following these 5 steps:

    1. Create a new web site
    2. Put a standard Wizard control
    3. Put a standard GridView inside the wizard's editable region (framed area)
    4. Go to the GridView's properties and set the PagerSettings.Visible to False
    5. Switch to Source view

    What do you see? If the changes are not serialized then grab the hotfix.

    You can read more about the original issue I reported on Microsoft Connect. The KB967253 hotfix addresses 7 issues in all and you can read about them on the Visual Web Developer Team blog.

    Thanks Microsoft

    Special thanks goes to Microsoft Developer Extraordinaire, Mikhail Arkhipov, for fixing these issues in both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010.

  • Add Watermark to ASP.NET Textbox

    Check out the live demo of our ASP.NET TextBox Watermark feature here: ASPxTextBox WaterMark feature demo


    Check out the new watermark for web editors video which shows you a new feature added to our ASP.NET editors like the Textbox.

    An editor watermark is a great way to show hint text without using any extra page real estate. And this video shows you how to:

    • Design a slick search box
    • Enable the watermark feature
    • Gray-out the hint text
    • Use Textbox client side API via JavaScript

    Click here and watch the video right now! Then drop me a line here and tell me if you're ready to enable it for your website editors.

  • ASP.NET Grid Tip: How To Check For Empty Values In Header Filter

    Here’s a quick and useful tip for finding empty values when using the ASPxGridView’s header filter. For example, if you have a Date column:

    ASPxGridView Header Filter

    And you want to find all the Orders which have an ‘Empty’ ShippedDate value, then follow these 2 simple steps:

    1. Override the ASPxGridView’s HeaderFilterFillItems event
    2. Add the following 2 lines of code:


    C# Version:

    protected void ASPxGridView1_HeaderFilterFillItems(object sender, DevExpress.Web.ASPxGridView.ASPxGridViewHeaderFilterEventArgs e)
      e.Values.Insert(1, new FilterValue("Empty", "", "[" + e.Column.FieldName + "] Is Null"));
      e.Values.Insert(2, new FilterValue("Not Empty", "", "[" + e.Column.FieldName + "] Is Not Null"));


    VB.NET Version:

      Protected Sub ASPxGridView1_HeaderFilterFillItems(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DevExpress.Web.ASPxGridView.ASPxGridViewHeaderFilterEventArgs) Handles ASPxGridView1.HeaderFilterFillItems
        e.Values.Insert(1, New FilterValue("Empty", "", "[" & e.Column.FieldName & "] Is Null"))
        e.Values.Insert(2, New FilterValue("Non Empty", "", "[" & e.Column.FieldName & "] Is Not Null"))
      End Sub

    This code create 2 new filter values for ‘Empty’ and ‘Not Empty’ which check if the field value is null:

    ASPxGridView Header Filter With Empty Filter Option

    Custom Filter

    By using this event, you can also create custom filters which:

    • Check if a certain field value is greater 50
    • Choose which columns to add the custom filters
    • And more…

    How? Check out the FilterValue Constructor help topic.

    Sample Project

    Here’s the sample project which contains both C# and VB.NET versions of the code. Click here to download: []

    Then drop me a line here and let me know what you think of this tip. Smile

  • Display Multiple Columns In ASP.NET Combo Box And List Box

    Check out the live demo of our ASP.NET Combo Box here: ASPxComboBox Multiple Columns

    Screencast - Multiple Columns ListBox ComboBox

    Check out the new multiple columns feature video which shows you how to display several columns inside of a list box or combo box.

    The multiple columns feature is very slick. And it has the potential to replace the need for a grid.

    Watch the video and learn:

    • How to setup an ASPxListBox for multiple columns
    • How to setup an ASPxComboBox for multiple columns
    • ASPxComboBox's (cool) TextFormatString property

    All that in under 7 minutes! Click here to watch it now.

    Done watching? Pretty nice, isn't it? Are you ready to use multiple columns now?

  • Rock The Vote! Choose DevExpress for 2009 Readers' Choice Awards

    asp.netPRO magazine is conducting the 2009 Readers' Choice Awards. We'd really appreciate your votes for Developer Express.

    2009 asp.netPRO  Readers' Choice AwardsEach year, asp.netPRO recognizes outstanding products and vendors in the ASP.NET add-on market. Please cast your vote for your favorite DevExpress products by clicking the Vote Now! button:

    Vote Now

    The multiple choice survey only takes about 2-3 minutes to complete. DevExpress has been nominated in the following categories:

    #   Category   DevExpress Product
    1   Add-In   CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET
    2   Charting & Graphics Tool   XtraCharts Suite
    6   Community Resource   DevExpress Community Site/Developer Express
    7   Component Set   DXperience ASP.NET
    12   Grid   ASPxGridView
    15   Navigation Control   ASPxNavBar
    16   Online Editor   ASPxHTML Editor
    18   Printing/Reporting Tool   XtraReports Suite
    20   Scheduling/Calendar Tool   ASPxScheduler
    24   Utility   ASPxSpell Checker/Developer Express
    25   Silverlight   AgDataGrid Suite

    Thanks for your voting support! Click here to vote now for DevExpress. Yes

  • ASP.NET Grid – Horizontal Scrolling

    Video: ASP.NET Grid Horizontal Scroll Feature

    Check out this 3 minute horizontal scrolling Screencast which shows you one of the upcoming features of the ASPxGridView.

    The short Screencast covers the:

    • Old 'Div' workaround for horizontal scrolling
    • New property: Settings->ShowHorizontalScrollBar
    • How to display the horizontal scrollbar

    Cool Features! How do I get them?

    This feature is coming in the next release of DXperience. The DXperience 2009 volume 1 release is scheduled to be released late March 2009. For you DXperience Enterprise and Universal customers, a beta will be available very soon.

    So what are you waiting for? Click the image and watch the video. Then drop me a line here and tell me which DevExpress ASP.NET feature you're looking forward to in 2009.

  • How To Integrate ASP.NET Charts with Pivot Grid

    Check out this ASPxPivotGrid screencast which shows you how to display data from the pivot grid in a graphical web chart:


    The video walks you through the following topics for your web projects:

    • Using the Ajax UpdatePanel and UpdateProgress
    • Add and bind an ASPxPivotGrid control
    • Add and bind a web chart control (XtraChart) to the pivot grid
    • Add a check box to dynamically change the values used for the chart

    Click the image above and watch the video. Then drop me a line here and let me know if you’re using the pivot grid or the chart controls.


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