Download Hotfix for Visual Studio 2008 Property Serialization Issue

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23 March 2009

Download KB967253 Hotfix Download and install this latest Microsoft hotfix which corrects the dreaded 'property serialization issue'.

First The Solution

Click here to download the 6mb Hotfix KB967253. A single (exe) file which updates your Visual Studio 2008 instance.

The Issue

Changes made in Visual Studio designer were not saved when going to the source view. The issue was first found with DevExpress ASP.NET controls. However, after further inspection, we found that this was a general bug with Visual Studio 2008.

You can see the bug by following these 5 steps:

  1. Create a new web site
  2. Put a standard Wizard control
  3. Put a standard GridView inside the wizard's editable region (framed area)
  4. Go to the GridView's properties and set the PagerSettings.Visible to False
  5. Switch to Source view

What do you see? If the changes are not serialized then grab the hotfix.

You can read more about the original issue I reported on Microsoft Connect. The KB967253 hotfix addresses 7 issues in all and you can read about them on the Visual Web Developer Team blog.

Thanks Microsoft

Special thanks goes to Microsoft Developer Extraordinaire, Mikhail Arkhipov, for fixing these issues in both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010.

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