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April 2009 - Posts

  • ASP.NET MVC Forums Preview

    Check out the screenshots below for an internal project we've been cooking up.

    DevExpress MVC Forums Welcome Page

    The shot above shows off a new forums website that uses:

    • ASPxHtmlEditor
    • ASPxUploadControl
    • ASPxEditors
    • ASPxPageControl

    Wanna see more?

    DevExpress MVC Forums - Edit Profile - HTML Editor - Upload control

     DevExpress MVC Forums - Reply To Thread - Quote - HTML Editor

    DevExpress MVC Forums Thread Response

    That's a sneak peek. We'll roll it out as soon as it's ready. What do you think so far?

  • Video Case Study: Activity Control with RIA Services In Silverlight 3

    Video: Case Study with Chris Walsh showing Silverlight 3 and AgDataGrid Demo

    Check out the AgDataGrid and Activity Control in Silverlight 3 video which shows off some interesting new technologies.

    Chris Walsh is a smart developer who loves cutting edge technology like Silverlight and DevExpress. And you can usually find him hanging out in our ASP.NET or Silverlight forums helping out other developers.

    In this video, Chris shows you a cool project that uses:

    • Silverlight 3 Beta
    • .NET RIA Services CTP
    • Activity Control (from David Poll)
    • DevExpress 2009 volume 1

    Download Sample Project

    This zip file contains the necessary code files mentioned in the video.

    Click here to download: []


    Click the image and watch the video. Then do me a favor and leave Chris some kind words for sharing with us all. Feel free to ask Chris any questions as he'll be watching this blog post.

  • Do you plan to use ASP.NET MVC?


    The ASP.NET MVC framework provides a lot of benefits like testability, maintainability, clean code, total control on every character of html output, etc. But these benefits come at some cost to the developer.

    Now that you're able to control and change everything, you'll want to make sure that your HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills are current.

    DevExpress and ASP.NET MVC

    DevExpress controls like the ASPxGridView, navigation controls, and HTML editor already work in ASP.NET MVC.

    We're working on a demo that will show off many of our controls in the ASP.NET MVC framework. The DevExpress ASP.NET team is also investigating specifics of what we can provide for ASP.NET MVC.

    We want to hear from you

    Drop me a line here and tell me:

    • Do you plan to use ASP.NET MVC?
    • Which DevExpress ASP.NET controls would you like to use in ASP.NET MVC?
  • Fixed Columns And Horizontal Scrolling In ASP.NET GridView

    Video: ASPxGridView Fixed Columns and Horizontal ScrollingCheck out this 4 minute fixed columns and horizontal scrolling screencast which shows two new major features of the ASPxGridView.

    The short screencast shows you how to:

    • Setup horizontal scrolling
    • Freeze columns
    • Differentiate fixed columns by changing the column backcolor

    Click the image and watch the video right now. Then drop me a line, link, or story about how you use the new fixed columns feature.

    [Btw, please do us a favor and vote for your favorite DevExpress products (Voting ends April 25th). Thank you!] Wink

  • Visual Studio Tip: Search DevExpress From IDE

    Video: Search DevExpress In Visual Studio

    Check out this 5 minute Visual Studio search integration video.

    The screencast shows how to:

    • Create a Visual Studio macro
    • Call DevExpress Search
    • Search selected words!! Smile
    • Assign a keyboard shortcut
    • Add a toolbar icon

    I love Visual Studio tweaks and tips, this one is super easy and useful.

    What's your favorite VS tweak?

    Click the image and watch the video. Then drop me a line here and tell me how much you love this tip.

  • DXperience Unified .NET Installer

    Video: DXperience Unified Installer Check out the DXperience Unified .NET installer video which shows you how to run and select options of our .NET installer.

    The installer combines 3 major DevExpress products:  .NET controls, CodeRush+Refactor Pro and eXpress App Framework.

    This video covers:

    • product selection options
    • online/offline registration
    • licensed vs. trial version
    • upcoming changes

    If this is your first time with DevExpress then you'll find this video very helpful.

    Click here to watch the DXperience unified installer video.

  • Video Case Study: DevExpress Helps Mining Industry

    Video Case Study: GeoMEM and DevExpress Curious about what types of applications DevExpress customers are writing and which industry they use them in? The GeoMEM video case study will surprise you.

    Drilling Boreholes

    WinForms Developer Barry Carr gives us a great demo of GeoMEM's Calibrate application (used by the mining industry). The application helps calibrate 'borehole survey tools' devices.

    Check out Barry Carr's excellent video screencast of GeoMEM's Calibrate application and learn more about boreholes, mining and using DevExpress to create applications.


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