Do you plan to use ASP.NET MVC?

22 April 2009


The ASP.NET MVC framework provides a lot of benefits like testability, maintainability, clean code, total control on every character of html output, etc. But these benefits come at some cost to the developer.

Now that you're able to control and change everything, you'll want to make sure that your HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills are current.

DevExpress and ASP.NET MVC

DevExpress controls like the ASPxGridView, navigation controls, and HTML editor already work in ASP.NET MVC.

We're working on a demo that will show off many of our controls in the ASP.NET MVC framework. The DevExpress ASP.NET team is also investigating specifics of what we can provide for ASP.NET MVC.

We want to hear from you

Drop me a line here and tell me:

  • Do you plan to use ASP.NET MVC?
  • Which DevExpress ASP.NET controls would you like to use in ASP.NET MVC?
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Eric Williams

Yes, we are already under way.  We are rebuilding our Asp classic and VB6 site to a #aspnetmvc front-end with a WCF middle teir.

22 April, 2009
Boris Bosnjak

I have no near term plans for moving to ASP.NET MVC.

22 April, 2009
Jack Lawson

I definitely want to play around with it a bit... ajax on standard .net is a huge pain, mvc looks way better.

22 April, 2009

We will definitely take a solid look at it.

22 April, 2009
Pieter Jansen van Vuuren

I definitely want to use it, but my desire to use DevExpress controls have recently overridden my decision to go with MVC.

If I could use MVC and all the DevExpress controls I would be in 7th heaven.

22 April, 2009
Seth Juarez

Already using it. A control that would be indispensable to us is an mvc report viewer control. Right now I am having to find ways around it....

22 April, 2009
Timur Zanagar

We started using ASP.NET MVC in a new project, but it would be very nice if the DevExpress Controls works under ASP.NET MVC without having some hybrid stuff.

23 April, 2009
Alan Taylor

We are currently planning to switch all new ASP.NET development to MVC

23 April, 2009
Damian Hickey

Starting a large greenfield project soon, will be avoiding webforms at all costs.

23 April, 2009
Defacto Software

I've used it for private projects and would like to use it professionally. I think it's a step up from basic because of the clear cut separation of acquiring data and it's rendering. On the down side there is the lack of advanced components that are tailored to the method. DevExpress should be able to fill this void, but I would really like to see components that render less verbose and more semantically correct HTML (eg. one table to render a grid, not 88 nested ones ;).

23 April, 2009
Antonio Pelleriti

we're starting a new project, and probably we'll use asp.NET MVC...

23 April, 2009
Marco Dissel

All our new application are built on top op aspnet mvc.. looking forward to see how we can use the devexpress suite in the aspnet mvc environment.

23 April, 2009
John Frost2

The first paragraph of the article states: "But these benefits come at some cost to the developer."

So, what are the costs?

Can someone elaborate with real world info?



23 April, 2009

We just started developing a new website using it, and we will no longer be using webforms. It makes contructing data/objectdriven websites so much easier and more logic to develop. Really hoping that you will come up with some new innovative MVC controls (and of course making the old ones MVC friendly).

23 April, 2009
Adam Leffert

I realize the question covers a very wide area, but how would you describe the difference between projects that would benefit most from MVC and projects that would benefit most from XAF?

To the degree that you can predict, as MVC and XAF both mature, what areas will each product cover?

23 April, 2009
Yug Media Resource

MVC - cool, but now I do not use it ...

23 April, 2009
Mateus Lopes

We don't have any plan to use MVC [2]

23 April, 2009

I'm glad there are not to many crazy MVC guys here.  Sometimes they act like it's the best method to employ on every application.

No ASP.Net MVC plans for me in the near future

23 April, 2009
Mad Dax

Yes, we are planning to use MVC on our next project and it  would be great if we could use DevExpress ASP.Net control on this framework.

23 April, 2009
Johan B

I'm currently developing a web application using ASP.NET MVC 1.0. So far I have managed with the html helpers and the standard asp controls. There would, however, be great if there was some professionally developed MVC controls out there.

The MVC-demo you talk about (for the existing controls) should be very interesting to watch as soon as it's released. I look forward to it.

24 April, 2009
Mats Larsson

We use MVC for our next version of or application

24 April, 2009
Jamie Davis (HCR)


24 April, 2009
Geoff Davis

Already underway with ASP.NET MVC and not planning to back to webforms unless i'm dragged kicking and screaming.

I totally love the feeling that I am back in control even though it's more code to write.

DevExpress support for ASP.NET MVC is key to success in the web arena IMO. I would totally love you guys to support it in  the future.

24 April, 2009
Anirudh Sirohi

How difficult is it to convert existing simple page that uses DevExpress controls(Button, DataGrid, ComboBox, TextBox)  and callbacks to MVC?

24 April, 2009

I'm a devexpress customer but that doesn't prevent me from watching what other components vendors are doing. It seems that some competitors offers some kind of MVC support. that was just my 2cents, I'd gladly remain a devexpress only customer. I just wanted to stimulate them a little  :D

24 April, 2009
Aaron Smith

We have looked at it and did some sample applications with it. We will not use it since getting DevExpress controls to work with it is a pain in the backside.

For very rich client applications, I'm not sure MVC is really the way to go. However, if DevExpress had controls like charts, scheduler, and all the basic editors available, we would probably be actively persuing MVC.

24 April, 2009
glynn davies

Can't see any reason to use MVC, XAF is the future for us..

25 April, 2009

Yes, I am going to be developing my next project in MVC and would really be full steam ahead if DevExpress was to implement some MVC components, or as stated above, make the current ASP.NET Components easier to use within MVC.

I am also pursuing Silverlight 3.0 and WPF apps as well... and it seems DevExpress is a bit behind the curve on those components (compared to other vendors) ... So I hope there is some more effort in all areas actually!

Keep up the excellent work DevExpress! More Controls Please! :-)

25 April, 2009
Javed Aslam

All our future development is expected to be using the MVC.  AspxScheduler, AspxGridView, AspxTreeView and other Data controls are the most important for us.  Having worked with MVC in the iPhone platform, I am all fired up.

25 April, 2009
Tnomeralc Web Design Toys

Our integration in on going now. Still waiting for some improvement

27 April, 2009
Paul Rylance

I do indeed intend to use MVC where appropriate , we won't be ditching webforms just for the sake of it. Much the same way we are still doing WinForms in many cases with a bit of WPF/Silverlight on the side.

I have one project currently that we are investigating MVC for, and to be fair there are not a lot of controls we wouldn't want to use. This project doesn't call for reporting or charting but most of the other controls are fair game, and heavy use of the scheduler is likely.

27 April, 2009
Thomas Mayfield

Yes we are already using it on several projects.

One thing that would be nice; although unlikely due to investment methinks, would be the controls supplied as sub views (then you could use the RenderHtmlXXX extensions, but those are in the futures assembly:[) so you could tweak their output if needed.  Kinda like dynamic data.

The downside I see to this is that they would probably be provided as webforms views which is the only view engine supported / shipped out of the box.  While it can be configured to work nicely alongside others I would be ecstatic to see them shipped as Spark [which uses an Apache license] sub-views.  Nice and clean.

Another thing that just occurred to me is that shipping the view-source like that would only really be [business] feasible to those with source subscriptions; however Spark supports loading view from compiled resources out of the box [even in medium trust if properly configured].

27 April, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Everyone, thank you for the great feedback! It looks there is a lot of interest.

Here is a quick preview of the ASP.NET MVC Forums site that uses DevExpress ASP.NET controls:

28 April, 2009


Yeah ASP.NET MVC is great. I've set up forums to support ASP.NET MVC community only. Just starting but maybe one day we will get bigger

3 May, 2009

We would like to move towards implementing ASP.Net MVC.  We have quite a large code base in WebForms, so it will be gradual.  One of our concerns, though, is support for our 3rd party controls, so the more support we have from DevExpress components the easier it will make the transition, and the more likely we will be able to remove all of our Webforms stuff completely, which is a very good thing.

12 May, 2009
Hung Nguyen

I'll use ASP.NET MVC for my projects.

21 May, 2009

I'm currently investigation wether we'll use MVC or not, and one important point is the support of your components. That's why I found this page.

6 August, 2009
Bob Armour

Coming from a Java background and having primarily used the Struts Framework to develop web apps, I was very happy to see that Microsoft developed ASP.NET MVC - WinForms was just too 'clunky' for me. (Just my opinion, though)

My Team Leader has just expresed an interest in using the DevExpress components so that we have a common set of controls for use across desktop and web applications, but this meant that I'd be heading back towards WinForms - not too happy about the prospect.

Anyway, I've just watch the video presentation by Cody Skidmore, and also read that you've got some plans underway to support MVC. All I can say is 'Yes please!!!'.

Keep up the good work.

10 August, 2009
Cody Skidmore

I'm late for the party and probably too obvious, but yes we are using ASP.NET MVC and have plans to continue using it for both personal and enterprise endeavors.

23 September, 2009

Very good notice.! I'm using ASP.NET MVC and It's is great...

6 October, 2009

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