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04 May 2009

twiPing Home Page

Check out this great twitter utility which helps you manage your twitter contacts, increase your twitter following, and provide bunch of other useful features.

Developing A Twitter Application

Jeremy D. Mullin created twiPing using 3 core technologies:

  • JSON.NET to handle Twitter's RESTful API
  • DevExpress WinForms Controls: XtraGrid, XtraBars and XtraEditors
  • Advantage Local Server database engine from Sybase

Unsure of which WinForms controls to use, Jeremy asked other developers for recommendations:

"After a quick post to Twitter asking what components WinForms developers were using, there were plenty of votes for DevExpress so I made the purchase." – Jeremy D. Mullin

Using DevExpress tools, the application took little time to create:

"I was also REALLY impressed with how similar the grid control is to the original Delphi version of the DevExpress grid. The properties and layout are almost exactly the same, which put a big dent in my learning curve and instantly made me more productive." – Jeremy D. Mullin

Read the full twiPing development story on Jeremy's blog.

Want to see twiPing in action?

Click the image and watch the overview video:

Where I do get a copy?

Download a free copy here:

Want more twiPing features?

Leave Jeremy a bug fix or feature suggestion here:

Then drop me line below on what you love most about twiPing.

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