XtraCharts 2009 Volume 2: New Charts, Hit-Testing, Web Gardens, And More

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27 May 2009

XtraCharts Check out this list of XtraCharts features and suggestions available for you in the next major release:

The DevExpress charts team has been busy. Smile

ASP.NET Or WinForms

Did I mention that all the above features work in both ASP.NET and WinForms? XtraCharts is a unique product because it works in both platforms.

Web Gardens Support

Yes, now the Charts, Gauges, and the ASP.NET binary image control support IIS web gardens.

ASPxBinaryImage, ASPxGauges, XtraCharts - Support Web Gardens

What are web gardens?

A Web garden allows an application to achieve higher scalability because multiple processes are used to process requests on its behalf. Check out this great post for more information.

Web gardens are different from Web farms. A Web garden is configured on a single server by specifying multiple worker processes for an application pool. Web farms use multiple servers for a Web site. (TechNet)

Creating a Web garden for an application pool can also enhance performance:

  • Robust processing of requests: When a worker process in an application pool is tied up (for example, when a script engine stops responding), other worker processes can accept and process requests for the application pool.
  • Reduced contention for resources

Click the links above to see details on the upcoming features.

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