TechEd 2009: Developer Showcase

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09 June 2009

Check out these four DevExpress customers videos below. In the videos, the smart devs discuss their projects and why they use DevExpress tools. 

TechEd Video: David Romig David Romig, CTO
The Computer Solution Co.

David's software helps catch the bad guys. TSCS's software runs in forensic laboratories across America.

In the video, David discusses how his company leveraged the knowledge and experience building a smart client application and used it to create a web version.
TechEd Video: Ian Vink Ian Vink, Software Architect

For his day job, Ian has architected a WinForms application that uses the DevExpress CAB framework. And in this video, he discusses the DevExpress components as he begins to migrate the application to ASP.NET.

Ian also manages which is a very complex app that runs both as a pure AJAX web app and a WinForms one. Both versions use DevExpress and:
  • Provide the same feature set
  • Push the limits of what DevExpress can do 
  • Sprout from the same core projects
TechEd Video: David Nolf David Nolf, System Architect

David is very familiar with the DevExpress products. So when his company started porting WinForms apps to ASP.NET, the vendor choice was easy.

In the video, David talks about some reasons why he has stayed a loyal customer. Thanks David!
TechEd Video: Massimo Galati
*** This video has been removed by request.***

Massimo Galati, Development Manager

Massimo works for one of the largest movie theater chains in Canada.

Massimo is not a DevExpress customer. But he is interested in ASP.NET tools for SharePoint. And in the video, he discusses why he's looking at
DevExpress SharePoint tools and how he goes about choosing a 3rd party vendor.

One of the best things about events like TechEd is the chance to meet and talk with smart developers. A special thanks goes out to y'all who dropped by the booth to watch one of my ASP.NET demos or even just to say hi.

Click the images above and watch all four videos. What feature of your software have you improved that DevExpress should showcase?

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