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23 June 2009

I'm hijacking Mehul's blog today and I hope he'll forgive me. The reason is that I have something to say about our ASP.NET products: they are going to be the first to be covered by a course in our new training program!

I have been working on this first course for a while - you wouldn't believe the efforts that go into something like that, especially the first time round. Now we're finally (almost) there, and the title of our first course is this:

Business Applications with DXperience ASP.NET

We will shortly put more details online, syllabus, cost and all that. The gist of it is that this is a two-day training course which provides an overview of several of our ASP.NET products. Within those two days you will learn to use the products to create a web application with an external, public-facing part and an internal management part. As the title says, we'll view these topics from the perspective of a developer creating a business application, so it'll be about presenting data, allowing data input, analysis, reporting, ... and of course using all those "glue" elements that make a web site complete. This is training, so it's all about learning - seeing things demonstrated, sure, but also trying everything yourself and getting questions answered.

We are currently planning the first two dates for this course, so I can't tell you those yet. The rough timeframe is "end of August 2009", and one of the classes is going to be in Las Vegas for people in the US, the second one in Amsterdam for those in Europe. I'm hoping to see lots of you there - meanwhile, if you have any feedback to give, leave it here please!

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