Everyday's a school day - upcoming training classes on ASP.NET controls

23 June 2009

I'm hijacking Mehul's blog today and I hope he'll forgive me. The reason is that I have something to say about our ASP.NET products: they are going to be the first to be covered by a course in our new training program!

I have been working on this first course for a while - you wouldn't believe the efforts that go into something like that, especially the first time round. Now we're finally (almost) there, and the title of our first course is this:

Business Applications with DXperience ASP.NET

We will shortly put more details online, syllabus, cost and all that. The gist of it is that this is a two-day training course which provides an overview of several of our ASP.NET products. Within those two days you will learn to use the products to create a web application with an external, public-facing part and an internal management part. As the title says, we'll view these topics from the perspective of a developer creating a business application, so it'll be about presenting data, allowing data input, analysis, reporting, ... and of course using all those "glue" elements that make a web site complete. This is training, so it's all about learning - seeing things demonstrated, sure, but also trying everything yourself and getting questions answered.

We are currently planning the first two dates for this course, so I can't tell you those yet. The rough timeframe is "end of August 2009", and one of the classes is going to be in Las Vegas for people in the US, the second one in Amsterdam for those in Europe. I'm hoping to see lots of you there - meanwhile, if you have any feedback to give, leave it here please!

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Geoff Davis

Damn, Wish it was in Leeds or Manchester UK then I would of considered it.

23 June, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


With the amount of work you put into this in the last few (ahem, several) months, these course are going to be great!

It also helps that you're a seasoned training veteran. [:8]

23 June, 2009
Jeroen Nijhuis

Wow! Great! I live in Holland, so I will definately be in Amsterdam then ;)!

24 June, 2009
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)

Hey Geoff,

That's an interesting comment. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you can imagine, we can't really plan on doing such courses in the immediate vicinity of every single one of our customers.

Mentioning Leeds and Manchester, it sounds to me like you're saying any sort of travel beyond an hour's drive is too much for you - is that right? I'm honestly wondering, there's certainly more we can learn about organizing these courses. I would have thought that Amsterdam is hardly far away, or hard to reach, from Manchester...


24 June, 2009
Vicente Alonso

In Spain?

24 June, 2009
Tim M

Love to know the dates and cost when that information is available...  can't wait to get the details.


24 June, 2009
Ben Ark

Can these training courses be done online? Could you consider that for the next round? I'm very interested in having some members of my team participate but I cannot swing travel to LV.

24 June, 2009
Roland Worms

Great that its in Amsterdam as well. As soon as you go live with the courses, please drop me a message.

24 June, 2009
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)


We have considered doing this online, but it's an entirely different matter. No online course can carry the same amount of information, the same degree of interaction, ... as classroom style training, especially when targeting a similar time frame. We'll see what happens later, but this is a format with unique content and the best possible learning experience.

24 June, 2009

In India?

2 July, 2009
R.A.L. Verhoeven

Count me in, I live in Amsterdam!

2 July, 2009
Garron Mosley

Hi there

I'm in Europe beginning of September so Amsterdam would be an option however I would also be interested on an online course or even a download of the live courses. I agree the interaction is probably limited but I'm sure we would benefit from the interaction that did take place.

2 July, 2009
David Simon

Are you going to capture the video and post online.

Its a big call to head over from Australia so i wont make it but would be keen to have access to video post event.


2 July, 2009
Jean Bertrand, Brussels

Please let us know asap the date and place in Amsterdam as the summer holidays might impact the staff....

Thanks anyway for this effort.

2 July, 2009

And in Italy ? I wait for a webcast !

2 July, 2009
Just me

Put me the list for Amsterdam..

2 July, 2009
Ricky Liu

Webcast solution will be great as you can see from all the comment around the world! Im in singapore and wish can see more or maybe Book ??

2 July, 2009
Arjen van der Spek

This could be very interresting for us.

We will be there in Amsterdam!

2 July, 2009
Dieter Schöddert (Cologne)

Great! Please give me the date and price for Amsterdam.

2 July, 2009
Bassam Abdelaal

Why not a carefully prepared online training material with clear video like same quality of your Channel ones , then reach ability is to the globe and any time user wants day or night, pause , continue , etc. surely much convenient

what is preventing me from moving from winforms to asp.net is that i found it very hard preparing pages layout the way i want, using tables or CSS, if there will be detailed videos on that will be great


2 July, 2009

Hey if it will be in India (Mumbai mostly) I will definitely join it. But

can u provide videos of these on Devexpress.

2 July, 2009

Any plans for these trainings in India?

2 July, 2009
Dave Crum

To reach a wider audience have you considered creating a Computer based training DVD's ?  Not everyone will be able to attend the 2 day course because of cost or time frame.  I know that there is a book coming out from WROX Publishing in September,  but a low cost CBT training course for those of us who are starting to use the Devexpress controls would be extremely beneficial.

2 July, 2009

Hopefully a webcast will be produced for offline viewing!  

2 July, 2009
Dave Ambrose

Looking forward to the dates and prices for LV.  Hopefully you'll keep the cost somewhat affordable.  Some training programs can charge so much it's just not an option for some of us smaller companies.

2 July, 2009
Ed Donohue

Have you thought about a web-based course? I'd love to go to training, but going to Vegas for a class is a hard sell...

2 July, 2009

In  Colombia??

2 July, 2009

This is awesome, but not something I'd be able to do due to cost and time constraints of traveling. However, online training would be huge for us, especially if it was a work at your own pace type of scenario.

I do a lot of online training through element K. They have guided flash training with virtual labs at the very end where they copy in a fresh VM that I connect to through remote desktop. There are usually instructions and stuff where I can work on it alone with no guidance. This part could definitely be handled on my PC for this type of training though since I already have all the tools.

2 July, 2009

Well - Amsterdam would take me about 5 hours to go by car. But more important, I'd would be 3 days of abscence. If you happen to provide wa well made webtraining, I'd pay for it.It would be possible to do a lesson of an hour from time to time and then play around on my own for another hour or so.

Web based trainings would rock!

2 July, 2009
Mark Douglass

If you can't make the class in either Europe or Las Vegas, will there by an optional study guide/video training?

It sounds completely awesome and depending on date for LV I'd love to go but end of the summer is vacation time with the family.

It would be great if you could come up with an online class option or more class dates.

2 July, 2009
Mike Jacobs

Hey Oliver how about Canada?

2 July, 2009
Kevin Stanton

Being from Oregon, very much looking forward for the Vegas trip - would love to see an online course option as well.

2 July, 2009
Frank Ruffino

Las Vegas is a BAD choice for the US.  Politically it does not sit well with management and has a bad reputation.  Pick a hub city like Chicago which is central to the US and easy for most people to get to.

2 July, 2009
David Mansilla

Sign me up for the las Vegas course as soon as you have the firm dates.

2 July, 2009
Joe Hendricks

I suggest a neutral location for us all: MARS!

2 July, 2009
Don Wibier, Rotterdam

Great to hear !!

Let me know when you're going to Amsterdam, so I can be there.

3 July, 2009

What about Brazil ?

6 July, 2009
khurshid alam

I am happy to listen but will be more if see all this in UAE.

7 July, 2009
Michele Nencioli

There are news about training classes on ASP.NET controls in Amsterdam?

I would be very interested in participating

17 July, 2009
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)

Wow - I'm just back from vacation, and overwhelmed by this list of comments! Most amazing, thanks everybody!

So - no news just yet, I'm afraid - but I'll see how things stand and let everybody know asap.


21 July, 2009
Dave Ambrose

The end of August is only a month away!  The sooner the better for the info as we'll have to book flights, hotel, etc.  Looking forward to the syllabus, schedule and cost!

21 July, 2009
Martijn van IJperen

Give me a ping back when amsterdam is confirmed

22 July, 2009


There are any news about the training in EU (Amsterdam)?

24 July, 2009
Michele Nencioli

There are any news about the training in EU (Amsterdam)?

29 July, 2009
Dave Ambrose

Any news about the training in LV?  It's almost mid-august, so I'm guessing end of august isn't going to happen?

11 August, 2009

Please provide an update on the training.

17 August, 2009
Michele Nencioli

August is ended, when the training days in EU (Amsterdam)?

1 September, 2009

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