ASP.NET GridView: New Hot-tracked Style for Data Rows

09 July 2009

Check out this neat new style that’s added to the ASPxGridView: Hot-tracking for data rows:


Hot-tracking means that a grid row is highlighted when the end-user’s mouse moves over the row. Grid rows are much easier for your users when you enable the hot-tracked style.

To enable, simply specify the desired style settings via grid’s EnableRowHotTrack property (or CSS). This is particularly useful if you provide context menus for a data row or perform other actions in response to row clicks.

The new ASPxGridView hot-tracked style is part of the DXperience 2009 volume 2 release.

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Great feature, is it possible to have same for Windows xtragrid and treelist?



10 July, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Thanks, and YES!

How to implement hot-tracking for grid rows

How to implement hot tracking in the XtraTreeList

10 July, 2009
David Zhang_3


How about PivotGrid?

4 August, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Thanks, unfortunately, the pivot grid doesn't have hot tracking rows. I recommend creating a suggestion for the ASPxPivotGrid to support hot tracking.

4 August, 2009

We're just about to release v2009.2 and it would be a good idea to have an "accumulator"

20 August, 2009

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