ASP.NET Scheduler Features: Performance Improvements, Print, Export, And Share Multiple Resources

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14 July 2009

Our ASP.NET scheduler has got some major features and enhancements for the DXperience 2009 volume 2 release. Check out how the new features will improve your websites:

Print and Export With Reports Integration

The feature most requested by current ASPxScheduler users is support for printing and exporting. We took this request to the next level by integrating the ASPxScheduler with a full reporting product. For more info, check out the ASP.NET Calendar Scheduling…New DevExpress Reporting Integration post.

ASP.NET Scheduler And Reporting Integration: Report Templates ASP.NET Scheduler And Reporting Integration: Month View

Resource Sharing With Built-in UI Support

The appointment editor form now features a multi-select control so your end-users can specify associated resources. And this slick new UI uses the ASPxListBox control’s new multi-selection feature. Check out the preview screenshot below:

ASP.NET Scheduler Resource Sharing 

Performance Improvement of Appointment Form

The Appointment Editor dialogs of the ASPxScheduler can now be displayed on the client side. This gives your website better performance because the callback is still initiated in the background, but it’s used to fetch or submit only appointment data.

Therefore, the HTML code required to render the appointment form is already on the client and thus not transmitted, which makes these callbacks much faster. The whole operation now looks as if it was completely done on the client side. And the end-user sees the dialog popup within seconds!

ASP.NET Scheduler: Client side appointment form

IE Memory Footprint

Memory performance with Internet Explorer has been improved. Our ASP.NET team has tweaked how the ASPxScheduler manages client-side JavaScript objects within IE’s DOM and thus reducing the amount of memory consumed by the ASPxScheduler’s client-side operations.

Neon IE Logo by Chris Wilson (IETeam)

All of the above features are part of the DXperience 2009 volume 2 release.

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Denny Upadhyaya
Denny Upadhyaya

Ok, I'm sold. This will be a huge release on many fronts. We are ready to engage...

14 July 2009
ASP.NET Scheduler Features: Performance Improvements, Print … | Webmaster Tools

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15 July 2009
bob smith

Is this a free control?

20 July 2009

This is great to see.  We are just building an app with the scheduler this is a great enhancement to include in our planning.  

If you are looking for some ideas on future enhancements, we would like to see the Timeline view enhanced so it can show your day of events all listed in the horizontal view.  Right now it just shows the first and requires you to switch views.  It would be great if you can see everything in a Timeline view.

29 July 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Robert,

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback as well.

My recommendation is to create a suggestion in the support center. The scheduler team does have some notes for you feedback:

The suggestion you mentioned is similar to: "MonthView - provide the capability to adjust the week row height by its content (So, all appointments are always visible)" but in regards to the TimeLine view. If so, then please create a new suggestion in our support center.

For better appointments visibility and in order to avoid "More items..." try these tips:

- setup ASPxSheduler height to proper value

- descreese TimelineView.IntervalCount to avoid from word-wraped appointment text.

- descreese visible resource count (TimelineView.ResourcesPerPage) to

get more spaces for cells area.

- set TimelineView.AppointmentDisplayOptions.AppointmentHeight to appropriate value

Hope that helps and if you have further questions the I recommend using the support center as they can help you with your specific scenario:

31 July 2009
David Aguillard
David Aguillard

>The Appointment Editor dialogs of the ASPxScheduler can now be displayed on the client side

I noticed you say CAN be - does this mean there's a setting we have to enable to use this feature and if so - what is it?  Thanks!

12 August 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Barrett,

Yes, it can. And there's a great demo sample w/code in the 2009v2 release. I recommend checking out the 2009v2 RC if you have access to it. (if you're a DXperience enterprise/universal customer). The 2009v2 release should be out soon.

Here's brief description from the demo:

This demo illustrates how to create the appointment editing form using client-side scripting. The technique employs the ASPxClientScheduler and ASPxClientAppointment objects.

13 August 2009
David Aguillard
David Aguillard

Excellent, seems much easier to customize, to boot!

Is it possible to have the go to date form be client side, too?

13 August 2009

We're just about to release v2009.2 and it would be a good idea to have an "accumulator"

20 August 2009

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