Video: DevExpress Plans For ASP.NET MVC

27 August 2009

Check out this short ASP.NET MVC video where I discuss and demo the current DevExpress offerings for ASP.NET MVC. 

After watching the video, you will:

  • Learn about the 2 ASP.NET MVC solutions we currently offer
  • See a demo of the upcoming MVCxGrid (a native ASP.NET MVC grid)
  • See a demo of the MVC Mail website which shows how to use our ASP.NET WebForms controls in ASP.NET MVC
  • Learn the reasoning behind why we offer the 2 different solutions

Video: DevExpress Support For ASP.NET MVC

Click the image above and watch the video. Then be sure to drop me a note here about any questions and/or comments.

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Thanks Mehul.  MVC is important component of asp development that we must all seriously consider when planning our applications.

It might be very helpful is DX could publish a white paper on your different products and what environments they are best suited.  i.e. MVC, versus Silverlight, etc.  The complexities, pros, cons and the potential combination of these technologies makes establishing a clear long-term road map very difficult.

Some insight on the strategic important long-term to DX would be helpful as well so we can kind of judge where certain products will be heading long-term.

Also really good to see more use of jquery...hopefully we will see a lot more of that in your other product implementations as well.

Of course some of us are very eager for vs2010 support as well...some of these lingering glitches in vs2008....aye yi yi.

27 August, 2009

I'm interested in Scheduler for ASP.NET MVC. Do you plan to sell ASP.NET MVC controls as specific pack ?

28 August, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Thanks Heather/Glenn,

I like the white paper idea and I'll talk it over with the teams.

28 August, 2009
Mario Howard

heather said:  +1

28 August, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Kris,

It's too early to tell how the MVCxGrid will be packaged and sold. We'll probably decide pricing and what other controls to implement for ASP.NET MVC once we have more feedback from the customers.

28 August, 2009

MVCxGrid beta will be available for everybody or just Universal/Enterpise valid license ? I prefer  ... everybody ;-)

28 August, 2009

You said it's jQuery base. A could idea should be a support of jQuery UI theme ...

29 August, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Kris,

I remember someone posted a similar suggestion in the forums. I recommend creating a suggestion in the support center so other can track it as well. Thanks.

31 August, 2009
DotNetBurner - MVC

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12 September, 2009
Manjit Sooch

Hello Mehul Harry,

What is scheduled release date for MVC controls?

23 February, 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


From our roadmap:

For ASP.NET MVC, we shall be testing the waters with beta versions of the data grid, menu, navigation bar, and tab control in v2010.1, with other controls possibly later in the year depending on customer feedback.

23 February, 2010

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