Video: New CodeRush Plugin To Collapse Long Methods

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05 October 2009

Check out this short eight minute CodeRush plugin screencast with Rory Becker. The screencast explains:

  • What is DX_CollapseFromEnd?
  • How do you use it?
  • How was it built?

Rory is not just an avid fan of CodeRush but he’s an extraordinary plugin developer too. Not only has he developed several plugins but also goes the extra mile to help others learn about CodeRush and refactoring.

Click the image below and watch the full screencast. Then drop me and Rory a line below with your thoughts.

Video: CodeRush Plugin - Collapse From End

Click here to download plugin and source-code for DX_CollapseFromEnd.

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Ralph Jansen
Ralph Jansen

Looks very great!

You can also say "Control + M M" (so to times the letter M) when your cursor is in the method. Then you don't have to use your cursor.

To collapse all the mehthods and regions use "Control + M O" (First M and then O) on your keyboard.

The only thing is that there is no shortkey for only collapsing the methods and not the regions. Or am i missing something.

8 October 2009

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