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14 October 2009

Recently, we added a super-useful little feature so you can skip around in the videos without having the video fully loaded. All the videos on the DevExpress Channel are now converted to support the new feature.

How does it work?

  1. We inject ‘metadata’ into the video as a final step in the production process.
  2. You click to any point in the video and the player will start streaming from the new cue point. Take a look at the shot of the 9 minute screencast below. I’ve clicked to the 4 minute mark and video player started streaming from this point forward. Sweet!

DevExpress Channel: Jump To Time Point

Who does #2 work for?

Everyone! Especially on those really long videos. For example, if you had to stop watching a video half way through and wanted to continue where you'd left off, you're just one jump point away.

But wait, there’s more…

One of our internal teams is hard at work on a complete site redesign. The new site has a lot of your suggestions like a playlist feature built-in. Stay tuned for details in the coming weeks.

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