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November 2009 - Posts

  • PDC Video: Brian H. Prince, Microsoft Architect Evangelist

    Check out this video interview with Brian H. Prince from Microsoft:

    PDC 2009: Video Chat w/Brian H. Prince

    Brian is an Architect Evangelist for Microsoft who’s also actively involved in the .NET developer community. In the video, Brian discusses:

    • What is an “Architect Evangelist”?
    • How Brian defines “architecture” and why it’s important
    • Top items for developers to learn from PDC 2009
    • Azure. Azure. Azure. Geez, it’s like he’s writing a book on Azure. Oh wait, he is.
    • What Azure means for ASP.NET developers now
    • Testing Azure on your local machine
    • Hilarious microphone malfunction, btw, I, umm, meant to do that
    • Developer Soft Skillz: The post and the webcast series

    And all this with the Beatles cover band The Backbeats playing in the background. :)

    Your Feedback Is Appreciated

    Check out the full Brian H. Prince video interview by clicking on the image above. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the various items discussed in video. Drop me a line below.

  • PDC Video Chat With 2 Awesome DevExpress Customers

    At this year’s PDC 2009 conference, I got to meet a lot of great developers that are building apps using DevExpress products. Check out the interviews I did with Eduardo Quintana and David Dillon.

    Eduardo Quintana

    Eduardo is a long time customer from Brazil. Thank you Eduardo!

    In the video he talks about his company, Softwyse, and their large application, database and DevExpress. He also discusses how the DevExpress grid helps his users.

    Check out the short 2 minute Eduardo Quintana video interview below:

    PDC 2009: Video Chat w/Eduardo Quintana


    David Dillon

    David Dillon flew from Louisiana just to drop by our booth and say thank you. David recently made a career change and started his own consulting business. For his first contract he made great use of the DevExpress ASP.NET controls. This convinced his client to move forward and convinced David to start his new lifestyle. And as I told David, I am both humbled and grateful for his support.

    Check out the full 3 1/2 minute interview with David Dillon by clicking on the image below:

    PDC 2009: Video Chat w/David Dillion


    I love going to conferences to hear stories like these from cool developers. Do you have a cool DevExpress story that you’d like to share? Drop me a line below.

  • Hardware Geeks: Check Out This Azure Container Tour

    Windows Azure and Microsoft’s cloud strategy was one of the big announcement at PDC 2009. And Microsoft brought a shipping container, ahem, “air handling unit” that shows off the hardware where your data will actually live in the cloud.

    So, if you’re a fan of hardware then check out this great walking tour with Patrick Yantz. Patrick is a Cloud Architect with Data Center Services team. And Patrick knows exactly what these shipping containers full of servers need to work anywhere in the world.

    Check out the full 9 minute Windows Azure Cloud Container video by clicking on the image below:

    Video: Walkthrough of Azure Container

    Then drop me a line here and let me know if you’re excited about the upcoming Microsoft Azure services.

  • PDC 2009 Day One Fun Video

    Check out this short and fun 2 minute PDC video of the DevExpress booth highlights:

    Video PDC DevExpress Booth Day One

    Day one was a lot of fun and it was great to meet so many of the attendees. Between answering developer questions about our future plans, I had a little fun with Mark Miller and Scott Hanselman by playing a little Xbox Beatles rock band. Of course, the one guy who could actually play an instrument, Ringo the drummer, was the best one. We cranked him to expert mode and he scored 83% on his 3rd time playing the game!

    Click the image above and watch all the fun that we had during day one.

  • A Chat With The Authors Of New DevExpress ASP.NET Book

    Now that the Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls book is released, it was time to sit down with the authors of the book and get an overview of what’s in the book.

    So I grabbed Paul Kimmel and Julian Bucknall to record this 18 minute interview. In the video, the guys discuss their contributions as well as what you might expect from the book.

    Btw, Joe Kunk also contributed to an important chapter on XtraReports. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be here for the interview but Paul explains some of what the XtraReports chapter covers. Including Joe’s very useful XtraReports webinar.


    Click the image and check it out. If you’ve got any questions for the authors then be sure to post a comment below. Thanks!

  • Case Study: ERP App Leverages ASP.NET And WinForms

    Santiago Barro and his development team have created a powerful WinForms ERP application called BinaryActiva. Btw, that’s Santiago on the upper left:

    Case Study: Binary Menorca S.L. creates powerful ERP using DevExpress

    The WinForms ERP application is the main client which supports business activities like: Purchasing, Sales, Stocks, Production, CRM, HR, and more. They’ve also built an ASP.NET website that integrates with their CRM module to send SMS updates!

    So why did they build both the WinForms and ASP.NET applications using their DevExpress Suite? Santiago points out:


    DevExpress controls are always evolving. Using their controls in applications will always give a consistent and professional interface similar to that of any application developed by the major software development companies.


    DevExpress makes the cool tools and teams like Binary Menorca use them to produce award winning applications. Sounds like a fair deal to me. Check out this photo of the guys winning the "Young Enterprise Award" in their native country of Spain. I think the guy on the right is holding a copy of DXPerience behind his back. I'm just kidding, of course, their good work earned them the awards. We're just happy that they chose DevExpress tools to help them succeed.

    Winning the Young Enterprise Award: Binary Menorca S.L.

    Read the full Binary Menorca S.L. case study and learn how Santiago and his team leveraged DevExpress tools into a powerful ERP application.

    DevExpress PDC 2009 Platinum SponsorDXperience? What's That?

    DXperience is a royalty-free tool suite for rapid business application development for WinForms and ASP.NET apps.

    Instantly enhance your WinForms and ASP.NET apps by dropping in new feature sets encapsulated in components. DXperience contains:

    • IDE Productivity Tools - Make Visual Studio easier and more effective with IDE enhancements
      • DXCore - IDE tools extensible engine
      • CodeRush - Extensible swiss army knife of tools to make source code editing faster and easier, including code editing templates, code editing utilities (selection, navigation, clipboard), inline code visualizations and the upcoming unit test runner.
      • Refactor Pro - Code editing tools specifically geared for refactoring source code.
    • XAF - Business app framework for WinForms and ASP.NET
    • XPO – Object-relational mapping for .NET
    • Reporting - Reporting "platform" for WinForms and ASP.NET
    • UI Components for WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight

    Try a fully-functional version of DXperience for free now:


  • CodeRush In The Cloud

    Check out this CodeRush in the Cloud screencast with Rory Becker. The video shows you how to use Microsoft’s free Live Mesh service to synchronize your CodeRush settings across multiple machines.

    The video covers:

    • Which CodeRush settings to synchronize
    • How to setup Microsoft Live Mesh for CodeRush
    • Other useful CodeRush in the cloud scenarios for development teams:
      • Team settings, templates for common practices, shortcut keys
    • Live Mesh web security concerns
    • How developers like to relax aka gaming!

    Video: CodeRush In The Cloud

    Click the image above and watch the ‘CodeRush In The Cloud’ video. Then drop me a line below with your feedback please.

    Rory and I both love the convenience of cloud storage services. How do you use these cloud services like Microsoft Live Mesh or DropBox?


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