PDC Video: Internet Explorer Is Changing With The Times

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01 December 2009

Check out this Internet Explorer (IE) discussion with Giorgio Sardo. Giorgio loves IE8. And with good reason, since IE8 has come a long way in terms of performance, standards, and features.

Watch Giorgio’s lively personality by clicking on the image below and you’ll see his passion for IE:

PDC Video: Giorgio Sardo Discusses Internet Explorer

In the video above, Giorgio talks about all things IE including the past, present and future:

  • Upcoming IE9 Performance Improvements (JavaScript speed to match Chrome and FireFox!)
  • What’s new in IE8
  • IE6 – Released in 2002
    • Why enterprises should stop using a browser from 2002
  • Web Standards - Microsoft commitment to improve
  • IE8 Top features for developers
    • Some HTML 5 Specification support
    • CSS selectors
    • DOM storage
    • XSS scripting and security
    • Web slices and accelerators
  • IE8 Top features for, um, non-developers (for example, my Mom)

To learn more about IE, read Giorgio Sardo’s blog. IE9 sounds very promising. Are you as excited about IE9 as I am?

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