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04 January 2010

CodeRush Test Runner

Check out this review of the CodeRush Test Runner from Will Green:

I've been using CodeRush Xpress since a little after it was first announced, and every new release has gotten better and better at filling the gaping hole that is refactoring and coding assistance within Visual Studio. I now consider CodeRush XPress a vital tool in my .Net toolbox. With the 9.3.2 release just before Christmas, I (unknowingly) installed CodeRush & Refactor! Pro. I only meant to upgrade CodeRush Xpress.


My first impression of the [CodeRush] Test Runner was actually the icons next to NUnit TestMethods. I thought "well, that's neat!". The icons were present enough to assert their existence, but subtle enough so as to not get in the way. I had been using a combination of and Visual NUnit before. This was workable (kudus to both of those teams), but I felt like I wanted more.


When I realized what these icons were, I went looking for the Test Runner panel. I had read about the new Test Runner, and given that the team I work on is starting to adopt unit testing (test first in my case), I was eager to give it a go. All I can say is, WOW. The integration with Visual Studio is great. The panel has the same functionality as the stand-alone NUnit test-runner, but the fact that the icons in the panel are also replicated next to the methods in the source editor, coupled with the "Go to test method" command, make it super simple to navigate around my test suite. TestStatus_2C765BD7[1]

I also find the code navigation functions in CodeRush invaluable. The product suite I work on is huge, so we have broken it down into a number of solutions, and referencing common libraries, rather than include the project in the solution. This often makes it difficult, with vanilla Visual Studio, to navigate around the code. CodeRush's features make this a 2 step process, instead of a multiple step one involving opening multiple instances of Visual Studio.


Code Rush & Refactor! Pro, with the Test Runner, make working with .Net solutions in Visual Studio a much more enjoyable prospect for me.


-Will Green (aka hotgazpacho)

Very nice Will!

Try the CodeRush Test Runner by downloading the latest version of CodeRush and start testing.

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