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22 January 2010

The two day “Business Apps with DXperience ASP.NET” course in London has just finished and it was fun! The London group of developers were a great bunch and it was a pleasure to meet them. The majority of the attendees were from the United Kingdom but some also came from Spain, Denmark and Libya!

From their early feedback, they found the course impressive and had a good time learning. Check out these pictures from the London training course:

Oliver Teaching ASPxGauges Meeting Room 

London Training Attendees Class Watching Oliver

As a bonus for the London group, I gave an hour presentation on the ASPxHttpHandler. The dedicated group of developers stayed an extra hour to learn and I thank them for listening and bringing up good questions.


Sign Up Now

There are a few seats left in the Paris and Zurich classes. Did I mention that they are in PARIS and ZURICH?!? Click here and sign up now.

Why should you attend?  Because you will learn, feel super smart and have fun doing it. Check out the short feedback video from past attendees.


First Time Pictures

This was my first trip to London and the city is amazing. I rode the “underground” (or subway as it’s called in New York). I saw a few of the sites but the best part was meeting the people in the course. In fact, there’ll be videos of this event and the attendees later.

Check out some of these pictures from the first day we arrived (hover your mouse over a picture for the picture description):

Arriving at London Hotel View From Novotel Hotel

Oliver, Mehul & John in London London Eye, Big Ben & Parliament

The Sherlock Holmes Restaurant Chrome Ad in Underground



Frankfurt Or Bust

Now we head over to Frankfurt, Germany and prepare for the fully booked course. I’m looking forward to meet the devs there and I hope to meet you in Paris or Zurich too.

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Aaron Smith

The picture of the London Eye, Big Ben, and Parliment is awesome. But the first thing I thought of was Chevy Chase saying, "Look kids! Big Ben! Parliment!"

22 January 2010
Eric McS
Eric McS

Be sure to get a Döner Kebab while in Frankfurt!

22 January 2010
Rachel Hawley (DevExpress)
Rachel Hawley (DevExpress)

@Aaron - You have no idea how many times I have heard that quote over the past couple of weeks! I'm pretty sure I missed that film when it was released, but I have to admit that I am I thinking about renting it out after the comments I've heard.

@Mehul - Stop playing with flight simulators and do some proper work! :)

25 January 2010
Oliver thinks

The feedback we got from my recent announcement of the first DevExpress training class was amazing. The

26 January 2010
The ASPx Blog - Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog

Check out this short 3 minute video from the DevExpress ASP.NET training course we recently did in London

28 January 2010
James Scrivener
James Scrivener

I would just like to say thanks again for a great course, I attended the one in London.

Well presented and the DevExpress team are great!!



29 January 2010

Being a pedant I wish to point out that the picture of Big Ben is actually a picture of St. Stephen's Tower. Big Ben is the large bell inside the tower where it rings out the hours.  Originally used to introduce the UK to railway time and is accurate to 2 seconds; said accuracy is maintained by adding/subtracting a pre decimal penny.

30 January 2010

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