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30 January 2010

It’s time to say Ciao (goodbye) to Zurich and the excellent group of developer attendees we met there. To sum up the 3 days we spent here: It was incredible!

I’m On A Mountain!

Let’s start with the location: the Hotel Kulm in Zurich is where the 2 day training was held. This hotel sits at the top of Uteilberg, has fantastic views and at this time of the year, there is snow everywhere:

View From Hotel Kulm Tower  Oliver Checking In

The location put everyone in a good mood. Sort of. A snow storm followed us to Zurich, just the same as Day 1 in Frankfurt. While a couple of attendees were delayed, everyone made it to the class and enjoyed the course.

Fantastic Attendees!

The group of attendees here were a sharp bunch of developers. A few of them were also owners and founders of their own successful software companies. Check out the some of the pics from the class:

Oliver And His Instant Gratification CodeRush Plugin Attendees Tackle The Labs

Break Time == Coffee Time For Lunch!

Zurich Attendess Group Photo

Special Guest

Marc Greiner also attended the class to both learn about the DevExpress ASP.NET controls but also meet with Oliver and myself. Both Oliver and I were humbled and honored to have Marc there and to finally meet him in person.

Marc Greiner [DX-Squad]

Marc’s involvement with the DX-Squad goes back many years as he’s helped many developers in the DevExpress forums. Thanks Marc!

Paris Or Bust

Now we drive to the last stop, Paris!

 Oliver's Land Rover DevExpress Road Show Car Sign

Stay tuned for more news from the European Road Tour.

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