Software Geeks Attempt To Raise A Wall

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21 June 2010

Check out this Habitat For Humanity wall raising ceremony video from TechEd New Orleans. DevExpress teamed up with Habitat For Humanity to donate and help build a home for a deserving family in New Orleans.

Thank you!

None of this would be possible without you, our loyal customers. Thank you!

Watch the video and you’ll see:

  • a great speech from one of the Habitat for Humanity Executive Director, Jim Pate
  • a random rain shower on hot day thanks to New Orleans tropical weather
  • Julian says a few words about DevExpress’ involvement
  • software geeks raising the first wall of the house!

Video: Habitat For Humanity - Wall Rasing Ceremony w/DevExpress

Thank You Habitat For Humanity!

The entire day was exhausting and rewarding. Get involved with Habitat for Humanity and donate some of your time and sweat. You’ll enjoy it!

Thanks MVPs!


Several MVP friends of DevExpress were there to help as well, Thanks goes to Scott Cate, Steve Andrews, Sara Ford, Peter Ritchie, and a local New Orleans guy called Kevin. You guys rock!

Check out the for more information.

Drop me a line below with your feedback, thanks!

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