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23 June 2010

HelpInSemaphoreWe just launched a new documentation website!

The DevExpress online help documentation website got a big makeover for the DXperience v2010 volume 1 release.

The redesigned help website features a number of useful improvements for you.

The online documentation is now available at the following 2 URLs:

The online documentation is also integrated in to the DevExpress search engine:

For Visual Studio local help, download the help installation files at the bottom of the DXperience download page.


The new documentation website uses the DevExpress ASPxSplitter control in the base design:

New DevExpress documentation website

This change brings several benefits for you:

  • Visual Studio 2010 Format – The new layout matches the new look and feel of Visual Studio 2010’s help system
  • Same as local help - – The online documentation is now the same as the local installed documentation
  • No IFrames – By removing the iframe and using the ASPxSplitter, you’ll notice that:
    • URLs are updated when clicking between help topics
    • the splitter allows you to resize the 2 navigation and content areas
    • uses callbacks – the help content pane on the right side is updated using an Ajax callback

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The new documentation website is built with just 3 DevExpress ASP.NET controls:

  • ASPxSplitter
  • ASPxTreeList
  • ASPxHyperLink

In Beta ?!?

You’ll notice at the top right of the documentation website the red ‘beta’ label:

DevExpress Help: Beta Version

There are a couple of minor issues to be resolved like a known issue with the IE8 back button. Rest assured that the documentation team is working hard to resolve the issues as soon as possible.


The new website brings you several benefits, however, it’s still a work in progress. So if you have suggestions on how we can improve it then please leave a comment below.


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