Download Silverlight Help Documentation – v2010 vol 1

29 June 2010

Microsoft Silverlight Logo The Silverlight documentation is now available for the DXperience 2010 volume 1 release.

Download the v2010.1.4 help file installer here:

DXperience Help Installer v2010.1.4

You can also get the latest help file installer from your client center account or here.


DevExpress Silverlight Help Root DevExpress Silverlight Help Products

Note: The Silverlight documentation will be uploaded to the website soon.

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6 comment(s)
Richard Sykora

since there was already a 2010.1.4 installer, why not upgrade the version to 2010.1.4.1? Really confusing if you dont keep track with the blogs...

29 June, 2010

Well upgrading doesn't seem to show Silverlight components. Why

30 June, 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

@Richard, Not sure but I'll look into it.

@Qualco SA,

Please uninstall and reinstall. That should fix the issue.

30 June, 2010

Apparently your tech support said that VS 2010 doc does not include documentation????

1 July, 2010

After I've installed it and try to start it, my browser navigates to which it fails to load. Any suggestions?

1 July, 2010
Plato (DevExpress Support)


This is because the HelpLibraryManager is adjusted to work with the online store.  If you switch it to use the local store, the problem will be resolved.  Please also refer to the following link:

1 July, 2010

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