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12 July 2010

DevExpress on Roku

Roku owners, watch the DevExpress Channel videos streamed direct to your television.

What’s a Roku?

The Roku digital video player (also known as the Netflix Player by Roku) instantly streams high quality movies from Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand and ... [learn more on roku.com]

How do I Add It To Roku?

  1. Go to Roku home (press up if you're viewing netflix)
  2. Move left or right to select "add a channel"
  3. Find the CDNTwo channel
  4. Select the menu item to "add this channel"
  5. After it's added, browse channels to find CDNTWO channel, select it and then browse to find the DevExpress channel.
  6. Browse the topics for the one you want, select it.
  7. Browse the videos for the one you want and press play.

Demo Video

Check out this short demo video that shows the DevExpress Channel on a Roku. Click the image to watch the video:


How’s this possible?

A company called CDNOne helps distributes video content. So we partnered up with CDNOne to deliver all the DevExpress Channel videos on their CDNTwo Roku channel. The CDNTwo Roku channel distributes university lectures, internet shows and audio books for free.

And thanks to Crage at CDNOne, we didn’t have to make any major changes!

Julian on Roku Mehul on Roku

Fire up your Roku device and start watching the DevExpress Channel. Then you’ll have the pleasure of watching a couple of geeks on your big screen. (You’ve been warned Smile )

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