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19 July 2010

Add these DevExpress RSS feeds to your favorite newsreader and get the advantages of:

  • Speed – RSS Feeds are updated instantly when a new item is published.
  • Convenience – Read all the current and past entries at your own pace.
  • Organization – Organize all the different and useful DevExpress RSS feeds from one newsreader.

DevExpress RSS Feeds

Subscribe to these RSS feeds by copying the links below to your favorite newsreader:

For example, here’s a shot of the RSS feeds in my favorite newsreader, Google Reader:


Forum RSS Feeds

The DevExpress Forum groups have their own RSS feeds. Here’s a couple of the popular ones:

I prefer to get emails for the Discussion group so I’ve setup the forums to notify me when a new post or thread is updated for that group. To get email notification from forum threads, follow these steps:

  1. Be sure to login to DevExpress forums.
  2. Go to the ‘More Options’ button at the bottom page. For example, here’s the ‘More Options’ for the Discussion group.
  3. Change the ‘Send Email’ dropdown to the following setting:

Forums - Get updates via email 

Join LinkedIn Group

Join the DevExpress LinkedIn group and interact with the LinkedIn community. You’ll need a LinkedIn account but once you join, you’ll get email notifications of new discussion threads.

Drop me a line below with any questions about these RSS feeds. Thanks!

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