Video: ASP.NET Tab Scrolling and Multi-Row Feature Preview (coming in 2010 vol 2)

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23 August 2010

Check out this sneak peek video on the upcoming ASP.NET Tab control’s new scrolling and multi-row features:

Video: ASP.NET Tab Scrolling and Multi-row

These highly requested features will help you display a large amount of tabs easily.

This feature is part of the DXperience 2010 vol 2 release which is due in late October/early November 2010 timeframe.

Drop me a line below with your thoughts on the upcoming tab scrolling and multi-row features. Thanks!

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Matt Harward
Matt Harward

Wow... I figured you were off-schedule.  But a possible November release for your .2 version.  I love DevEx... but this means I'm going miss an entire release cycle in my subscription.  A bit frustrating.  How are you going to handle that?

23 August 2010
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Matt: I don't understand. A subscription entitles you to every major and minor release we do for a full 12 months. We don't make any promises about the number of minor releases, apart from a wishy washy once-every-month kind of thing. This year we decided, because of the amount of work needed in preparing for a major release, we would only do two of them a year.

Of course, renewing means never having to miss a release. Since it seems you're on the cusp of renewing at the time of a major release, it may mean next year you getting three major releases instead of everyone else's two.

Cheers, Julian

23 August 2010
Mario Howard
Mario Howard

I just don't get it. How can VS developers complain about DX subscription prices ? What would it cost them to create the components themselves ?

Any VS developer anywhere in the world that cannot afford to pay DX subscription prices should probably look for another job.

I am operating in the Ukraine where salaries and revenues are very low and DX still makes financial sense.

My star programmer gets € 3'650 per month and that makes DX VERY expensive in this country.

Now go and figure out how much that would make in your context.

24 August 2010

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