Video Interview w/jQuery team member Jonathan Sharp from HDC 2010

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20 October 2010

Check out this video interview with jQuery team member, Jonathan Sharp:


I met Jonathan at the recent Heartland Developers Conference 2010 in Omaha, Nebraska. In the video, Jonathan and I discuss:

  • His HTML 5 keynote at the Heartland’s conference
  • Leveraging HTML 5
  • What does HTML 5 mean for ASP.NET devs?
  • How did the jQuery and Microsoft relationship began?
  • Why is HTML5 important to learn?
    • Browser vendor unity
  • When is HTML 5 going to take over?
  • HTML 5 adoption time frame?
  • Cool HTML 5 features
  • HTML 5 experience vs Adobe Flash on the iPhone
  • Resources to learn more about HTML 5
  • jQuery on mobile devices

Jonathan is the President of appendTo and works with some smart devs like Elijah Manor. You can find him on twitter at

Thanks Jonathan!

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