ASP.NET File Manager - Getting Started

25 November 2010

Learn how to use the new ASP.NET file manager control, the ASPxFileManager by watching the ASPxFileManager’s Getting Started screencast.

The new ASPxFileManager allows your end users to work with files on your web server easily. You control their the ability to edit, create, delete files and directories, as well as, upload files.

ASP.NET File Manager - Getting Started

My recommendation to quickly get started with the new ASP.NET File Manager:

  1. Watch the screencast
  2. Try it yourself. Use the DXperience v2010.2 release and try the simple scenario in the video
  3. Receive praise from your end-users for your fantastic website functionality

Please drop me a comment below with your thoughts on the new ASPxFileManager control. Thanks!

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9 comment(s)
John Rychter

This control is a great addition to ASP suite. Couple questions:

1. Can user upload entire folder with all files assuming that server folder has "Create Folder' permission turn ON?

2. Is there a way to change the folder view so user can see each file details such size, Date modified, etc?

3. Is there a way to restrict file upload based on the file size?

4. This is not a question but it would be nice to be able to restrict file types on each individual folder, currently restriction is defined on the root folder and is applied to all subfolders.


26 November, 2010


For development:

1) I don't think "Choose File" and "No Files Chosen" is the standard terminology.  Instead I suggest the verbage:  "Select File" and "No files selected"

2) As to the allowed extentions, I suggested this very same change for the ASPxFileUpload control.  There should be no requirement to enter the period in the extension.  Presently you are requiring:  .jpeg,.gif,.bmp but instead it should be jpeg,gif,bmp,tiff etc.  i.e. the period should NOT be required.  So this applies to both of these controls now.


26 November, 2010
Paul J Cowan

Great control!!

Why are the upload controls so small?  On most screens they use a very small amount of the bottom row.  Any way of making them bigger?

27 November, 2010
Paul J Cowan

Another queston.  Maybe I'm missing something, but after uploading files, how do we download them?  I would figure double clicking on an file in the manager would download it, but this doesn't seem to work.

27 November, 2010
Roman Resh (DevExpress)

Hello, John. Thank you for your response.

1. No, ASPxFileManager can't upload the entire folder. Standard browser's upload dialog doesn't support this behavior. I have created a suggestion to support uploading multiple files (no directory). You can track this request to be notified of any progress.

2. We don't have this functionality yet. But we have 2 suggestions related to this one:

- S36149 - Provide the capability to view advanced file info (create, last change date, size, image sizes, mime type)

- S36152 - Provide the capability to change files view (table, small/medium/large thumbnails, etc)

3. Yes. You can set the SettingsImageUpload.ValidationSettings.MaxFileSize property.

4. Nice idea, I agree. I have created a suggestion to support advanced security settings for each folder. You can track it here:

30 November, 2010
Roman Resh (DevExpress)

Hi, Paul.

1. You can set the Styles.UploadPanel properties to change the upload panel appearance.

2. We have suggestion S36150 ( related to this. However, it is possible to download a file using a workaround. Please see the question in our support center: Q295623 (

30 November, 2010
Paul J Cowan

There are no settings in Styles.UploadPanel  to make the edit box in the upload panel larger.  Changing the background color of the upload panel I can see that it is full width of the file area, however the edit box is still very small compared to the size of the panel.

30 November, 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Neal,

Thanks for the suggestions. Here's a couple of notes:

1. This text is created by the Chrome browser for the <input type="file" /> element. It is not our custom text, and we cannot change it.

2. We have a suggestion about this here: S135745. It is marked as "Planned", which indicates that it is accepted and we'll implement it in one of our future releases.

30 November, 2010
Roman Resh (DevExpress)

2Paul Cowan_1:

Yes, these are settings for changing the UploadPanel's appearance. The UploadControl is placed inside this panel. Currently, the upload control's input field is a standard browser's control for the <input type="file"> element. We have created a suggestion to customize the ASPxUploadControl's input appearance. You can track it at

1 December, 2010

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