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15 December 2010

Check out this new demo for the ASP.NET Calendar control that shows you how to display multiple months with one control:

Calendar_ Multi_Month_View

And multiple calendars are all displayed sequentially so your end-users can get a longer view of the time line.

While the demo is new for DXperience v2010.2, this feature has actually been around for 2 years!

Rows and Columns

The Rows and Columns properties of the ASPxCalendar allow you to easily display the multiple calendars.

The Rows and Columns properties can be set in the ASPX markup or the server side. For example, in the demo above, the combo box code that switches the calendar looks like this on the server-side:

switch (ddlColumnsPerRows.SelectedItem.Value.ToString()) { 
    case "2x2":
        calendar.Rows = 2;
        calendar.Columns = 2;
    case "1x3":
        calendar.Columns = 1;
        calendar.Rows = 3;
    case "2x1":
        calendar.Columns = 2;
        calendar.Rows = 1;

There’s a Demo for that

Check out the ASPxCalendar’s Multi-Month View online demo to see a live version of this feature. You can also see the code used in the demo by clicking on the ‘Code’ tab.

Check out the ASPxCalendar’s Multi-Month View online demo and then drop me a line below with your thoughts.

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