New York City Give Camp - Live Stream and Day 2 Recap

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16 January 2011

Today, on Saturday January 15th, 2011 at the NYC Give Camp, we had a special side event.

A new DevExpress Live UStream Channel was launched which we used to broadcasted what was happening at the New York City Give Camp.

Here’s the Url: (More from Azret)

Join us on Sunday, January 16th, 2011 around 10am EST for more from the live ustream feed.

Fun and Tech

NYC Give Camp Live Stream

We had a great time live streaming from the Microsoft New York campus with hosts:

  • Rachel Appel, Microsoft Developer Evangelist
  • Miguel Castro, MVP
  • Seth Juarez, Reporting Evangelist
  • and, yours truly, Mehul Harry! Smile

During the broadcast, we talked with all the charities in attendance. We also had several developers that helping the charities to discuss their progress and enjoyment at the event.

.NET Rock Stars

After a few of hours of live streaming and having fun, we invited and chatted with key .NET Rock Stars like:

Scott Hanselman, Ted Neward, Julie Lerman, Carl Franklin, Mark Miller, Scott Cate, Don Demsak, Sara Chipps, Wally McClure, Julian Bucknall, Chris Koenig, Teresa Burger and many more!

Thanks to everyone who participated and watched the live stream because we had a lot of fun bringing you the excitement of a live event.

Day 2 Recap

Day 1 and 2 of the NYC Give Camp were a blast.

The developer and charities are working on creating custom solutions. The charities are engaged in many different sectors like:

  • the homeless
  • people living HIV
  • children’s education in foreign countries
  • green energy solution
  • and more…

And Day 3 of the New York City Give Camp still has a few devs coding at 1:45 am!

Join us Sunday, January 16th 2011 for more live streaming from New York City Give Camp to see what the developers have built in 2.5 days of coding.

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