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15 February 2011

Check out this video case study of which is an ASP.NET MVC 3 site that uses DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Extensions:


What is

EnduranceDiaryTeamEndurance Diary is a site for creating and tracking workouts, physical challenges, group events, and other fitness activities as well as sharing that information with your friends.

Using their passion for software and personal endurance training, Gary and his friends created this website that has all of the functionality they wanted in one place.


The Endurance Diary website helps you log and track your workouts and includes a social aspect with sharing. It also integrates things like:

  • Track workouts and events
  • Create Teams
  • Register gear
  • Import GPS device data
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Social sharing through website
  • Security (so you only share with who and what you want)
  • Twitter integration

Why Choose DevExpress MVC Extensions?

The team chose DevExpress MVC Extensions because:

Why we chose to use DevExpress for our controls

Endurance Diary was built using ASP.NET MVC. During the design process for the site we looked at the controls available from other vendors and in the end we chose to use the DevExpress MVC Extensions hands down. DevExpress Controls allow us to create a rich web experience for our users. With features including themes and support for client-side/server-side interaction as well as consistency of the code within controls (ClientSideEvents, Settings, Properties, etc) and great performance it was a no brainer to use their controls for our site.

Endurance Diary is running on DevExpress XPO in the backend. DevExpress's ORM Data mapping tool allows us to transform our Business Entity objects into true database tables and makes them first class citizens in our code. We had the choice of using EF4, nHibernate, or other ORM type vendors out there, however we chose XPO due to its ease of use and strong feature set. The performance we see is awesome with 1-3 second page loads. We also love the fact that we don’t have one huge data model to work with which is popular when using DataSets or EF4. I like that XPO lets me treat each entity as its own separate class without the extra work of mapping properties within XML. For this project XPO was a first choice solution and we don't regret a bit of it.

Gary Cox

Free Sign-Up

The website is free to sign up and use. Go to and start sharing your workouts with your friends and family.

Just Do It

Thanks Gary and the team for developing this useful website which helps and inspires you to exercise more often. Smile

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