Video: Meet Rory Becker - Amazing CodeRush Plugin Developer and Evangelist

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07 June 2011

Check out the fun "Meet Rory Becker" video that finally exposes what the real Rory Becker looks like!

Watch the video to see my friend Rory talk about:

  • CodeRush evangelism
  • Working with CodeRush devs
  • Working with Mark Miller!?!

Mark Miller makes an appearance in the video to discuss the free CodeRush training that his team has provided through twitter and the blogs:

Video: Meet Rory Becker

Meet Rory Becker

Rory Becker is a CodeRush plugin expert and the current DevExpress CodeRush evangelist.

He helped create this excellent plugin collection on Google Code: DXCore Community Plug-ins on

Watch the CodeRush plugin videos that Rory and I have recorded:

CodeRush Plugins Screencasts

In fact, Rory and I have one of the best CodeRush videos!

CodeRush 101 - The Video You Should Watch First

Twitter Fanatic

Want to talk with Rory? He's available through various channels, including his favorite, Twitter:

Twitter: @RoryBecker


Links mentioned in the video:

Alex Skorkin, CodeRush lead dev's excellent Blog:

Mark Miller's Twitter: @MillerMark

Mark Miller's blog:


Rory joined DevExpress almost a year ago but for fun, please leave him a "congrats" message in the comments below. Smile


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Steven Rasmussen
Steven Rasmussen

Congrats Rory!  FYI- Clicking on the image doesn't take you to the video :)

8 June 2011
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Thanks Steve, fixed!

8 June 2011
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

I would insist on DX hiring Christopher Walken to portray me in any videos.

10 June 2011

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