Drop IE6 Support?

27 June 2011

Internet_Explorer_logo_oldShould DevExpress stop supporting the Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) browser with our ASP.NET products?

Give us your answer by voting on this poll:


Or leave me a comment below. 

If you prefer to contact me directly then email me at mharry [at] devexpress.com.

Why Drop IE6?

IE6 requires requires us to:

  • Spend a lot of time and resources to ensure all of our ASP.NET products and themes work correctly in a browser that is no longer widely used
  • Include special hacks because IE6 doesn't support things like CSS2

Developers often have to resort to strategies such as CSS hacks, conditional comments, or other forms of browser sniffing to make their websites work in IE6. -Wikipedia

And supporting IE6 limits us from moving forward to take full advantage of newer web standards and browser capabilities.

Outdated and Unsafe

IE6 has been around since 2001 and is generally considered an outdated and unsafe browser:

The security advisory site Secunia reported an outstanding 24 unpatched vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 6 as of February 9, 2010. These vulnerabilities, which include several "moderately critical" ratings, amount to 17% of the total 144 security risks listed on the website as of February 11, 2010. -Wikipedia

Worldwide, only about 11% use it:

The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown


Many major sites like GMail, YouTube and Facebook have dropped support for IE6.

In fact, Microsoft wants you to stop using IE6:


Give us your opinion. Should DevExpress stop supporting IE6?

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19 comment(s)
Boris Bosnjak

The world will be a better place without IE6.  As long as we coddle IE6 users, the longer developers will live in misery :)

27 June, 2011
Preetham Reddy

H Mehul,

It depends on who your core customers are. If most of your customers are big corporations, then I guess you'll have to wait a little longer to drop IE6 support...

The sad reality is most of the big corporations, including the company I work for, still use Windows XP with IE6 as a standard browser.  Until those corps embrace Windows 7 or Windows 8, it's hard to look away...

27 June, 2011
Michael Proctor [DX-Squad]


Corporations can still use Windows XP and run up to IE 8, so they don't have to spend lots of money to "stop" using IE 6.

Most causes are generally from corporations using old outdated software that "requires" IE6, even Telstra (Australia's main Telco) rolled out a major web based system for dealers 4 years ago using a ERP package, and that only 4 years ago required IE 6, and they still haven't upgraded it today. It is these scenarios that cause alot of issues.

However in alot of these case (from an IT point of view), I just setup IE to only work for that particular website using firewall rules then allow chrome or firefox to be able to browse the rest of the web.

27 June, 2011
Peter Thorpe

I am all for it. I would rather see development time go into other things.

I think the corporate argument is pretty weak when the numbers are so low. If the companies haven't upgraded now they are unlikely to anytime soon without a push.

27 June, 2011
Nate Laff

YES! People can use the latest available version with IE6 support... the beauty of VMs.

27 June, 2011
Rinaldo Ferreira Junior

Personally, I vote to drop it. But, as others said, we have customers that still use IE6 and won't upgrade in the near future because they have other apps that rely on IE6. Some of them can use other browsers while others not.

27 June, 2011
Chris Huckle

I vote to drop it - but as already indicated above there are those who still use it and it really depends on how important they are to DevExpress; Mehul, are you recording answers from your PAYING customers, or from the general public?  The two goups may have totally different answers.

28 June, 2011
Preetham Reddy


Sometimes it's not very easy to update browser. For example, I work for a major airline in USA and we are located across 500 airports around the world....

All these airports use systems that were developed 10 years ago and there are hundreds of such applications... It costs millions of dollars to upgrade an operating system/browser and re-write all those applications to support modern browsers...

For that very reason, all the applications that I write today have to support IE6 because they will be used by airport crew around the world and most of those systems are locked down with IE6. Not allowed to upgrade...

28 June, 2011
Alin Bigan

As stated by Mr. Huckle, you should address this question in separate polls (maybe for paying customers some sort of email voting form).

The reason for this is that, in most of the cases, although us, the developers are open minded creatures, we do not have the authority to override company's blueprint policies regarding this sort of issue. We need a stakeholder or sponsor to back us up on this and to cut through the red tape of bureaucracy (this is why I suggested separate polls for paying customers).

So, in this scenario, if you choose to drop the support, you will only "doom" us by limiting out usage of the new versions of the products (and probably your sales too, as the customers still stuck on IE6 will most likely not renew their licenses just for the sake of it in the hope that some company hotshot will wake up in the morning and enforce better browser support).

So, which misery is worse? Continuing to hack the CSS in order to make it work on IE6, or drooling over the new features you will release and know it ain't possible for them to use? :)

28 June, 2011
Scott G Blood


Like a lot of people i work for a big corporation who are uses systems that were created many years ago that only work with the IE6 browser.

So for you to drop IE6 support, although i would lose the ability to use any new features, i could still continue to develop with the older version of your libraries :)



28 June, 2011
Henrik Clausen1

I'd say drop IE6 from the 2012 release and new tools, but keep fixing bugs for some years to come.

Companies know what your tools can do now and have propably planned ahead using those tools and not new additions. Considering that, companies will be able to make IE6 changes using the existing tools (v11 and below).

I think its time to move on.

28 June, 2011

I agree with Henrik.

28 June, 2011
Fırat Esmer

I say drop.

28 June, 2011
Jim Foye

Keel it before it grow.

28 June, 2011
Michael Thuma

Dropping is not this simple Beside Airlines more critical apps that are part of epidemics control systems in Asia. This has to be considered wisely. A UN budget you get once ...

28 June, 2011
Marco Fuykschot

Dropping support in newer versions of Devexpress should not be a bigproblem, if you need IE6 support stick to the older versions Devexpress.

29 June, 2011
Mike F

Other than leaving a comment here, where do we vote?  I can't find a link to the poll.

29 June, 2011
Mike F

I agree with Marco, drop IE6 support.  If customers still need IE6 support, they can continue with 2011.1 and prior versions.

29 June, 2011
Michael Thuma

@Fitzgerald - On top of the article. I understand your position but wonder if you would see it the same way if you would need IE6 support.

30 June, 2011

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