ASP.NET GridView Features - Filter All Data And Not Just What Is Displayed

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27 July 2011

I just spoke with a new customer today named Jason. Jason is switching from a competitor's ASP.NET GridView to the DevExpress ASPxGridView.

One of the reasons that Jason switched was because how the ASPxGridView filters data:


Callbacks FTW!

filter-control-largeThe DevExpress ASPxGridView runs its operations on the server using AJAX callbacks. This means that anytime you do a sorting, grouping, filtering or other operation then:

  1. a callback is initiated
  2. the operation is processed on the server
  3. and the ASPxGridView is updated seamlessly w/o a full page refresh

That's it!

And because these operations are run on the server, the ASPxGridView display results are accurate since the operation is applied to the entire set of data.

3 Great Ways To Filter

The ASPxGridView offers you 3 great ways to filter data:

What do you love about the ASPxGridView's Filtering features? Drop me a line below. Thanks.

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Shawn Oles (Strata)
Shawn Oles (Strata)

The ability to Filter data and then export the data to Excel is a widely love feature by our end users.   They can effectivly write thier own reports and the customize the look in excel.

I only wish that the MVC GridView would support the Filter Control (currently only supports FilterRow and HeaderFilter, which arenot as powerful).   I can see that this is already a feature request.  This is one of the few features left that is not available in both flavors of the ASP.Net grid.

27 July 2011
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

That's excellent Shawn. And I have good news, we're adding the filter control for our MVC grid view in the next release 11.2. :)

28 July 2011

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