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16 August 2011

Check out this video case study below with Evert Wiesenekker, a developer from the Netherlands who's created a very interesting website.

Evert has created an optimized website that helps his clients manage a Nematode taxonomic database. What is a Nematode?

Nematodes are small, usually microscopic, unsegmented roundworms with a narrow cylindrical body. They are incredibly numerous in soil, water, and inside other animals and plants throughout the world. Approximately 10,000 species are known. Four of every five animals on the planet are nematodes, outnumbering even insects. A single gram of soil can contain more than 1,000 plant parasitic nematodes. -Divergence

And Evert's website is fast, good looking and uses several great technologies like:

Watch the video below as Evert discusses:

  • the website
  • how he chose the technologies
  • and some of his design decisions on the website:


Note: You can also view this video on YouTube which supports mobile devices too: 

One of my favorite things about his website is the speed. About 13 minutes into the video, you'll see how he has leveraged DevExpress ASP.NET Callbacks to retrieve and display different data items in milliseconds. Oh and be sure to check out his unique login screen that uses patterns instead of passwords!

Click on the image above and watch the interesting video case study with Evert Wiesenekker.

Then drop Evert a line below with any thoughts, questions and/or comments about his website.

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