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February 2012 - Posts

  • Healthcare Information Technology (HIMformatics) - a visually stunning DevExpress-enabled ASP.NET website

    Check out this video interview with Mike Palgon who has created a very slick web portal using the visually-stunning DevExpress ASP.NET products.

    Mike Palgon is a lead developer at HIMformatics, a Healthcare Information Technology consulting firm. And Mike has created a very interesting web portal to help manage various aspects of HIMformatics including: employees, subcontractors, clients, projects, employee forecasting, and expense reports.

    Watch the video case study with Mike Palgon here:

    Mehul Harry talks with Mike Palgon about HIMformatics website


    In the video, Mike and I discuss his website design and which DevExpress ASP.NET controls he's using.

    Learn more about HIMformatics and this website here:


    Thanks Mike for showing off the slick HIMformatics web portal. I love the minimalist design of his website.


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    Let's see what develops…

  • ASP.NET HTML Editor - Keyboard Shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts are great. Especially when you're writing in an online HTML editor, because they don't require you to take you hands off the keyboard!

    The DevExpress ASPxHtmlEditor editor provides many popular keyboard shortcuts as defaults.

    And in the latest release of DXperience v2011.2, we added the ability for you to customize these keyboard shortcuts for your end-users (S38048). We at DevExpress are not only trying to make you more productive when you use our controls from DXv2, but we're also looking out for your end-users.

    Default Shortcuts

    Here's the list of the default ASPxHtmlEditor keyboard shortcuts.

    Notice that the ASPxHtmlEditor provides a way for you to create links using the common 'Control + K' keyboard shortcut found in many popular office products. Personally, I love that shortcut!

    Try it now online:

    Shortcut ActionName Description
    Ctrl+A selectall Selects the entire content
    Ctrl+B bold Applies bold formatting to the selected text
    Ctrl+C kbcopy Copies the selection
    Ctrl+E justifycenter Justifies text center
    Ctrl+G insertimagedialog Invokes the Insert Image Dialog
    Ctrl+I italic Applies italic formatting to the selected text
    Ctrl+J justifyfull Justifies text
    Ctrl+K insertlinkdialog Invokes the Insert Link Dialog for the selection
    Ctrl+L justifyleft Justifies text left
    Ctrl+P print Prints the editor's content
    Ctrl+R justifyright Justifies text right
    Ctrl+U underline Underlines the selected text
    Ctrl+V kbpaste Pastes content from the clipboard
    Ctrl+X kbcut Cuts the selection
    Ctrl+Y redo Redoes the last undone action
    Ctrl+Z undo Undoes the last action
    Ctrl+Ins kbcopy Copies the selection
    Ctrl+Shift+K unlink Unlinks the selection
    F11 fullscreen Activates/deactivates the full-screen mode
    Shift+Del kbcut Cuts the selection
    Shift+Ins kbpaste Pastes content from the clipboard



    There are two ways to customize the keyboard shortcuts, at design-time and runtime.


    In fact, you can redefine default shortcuts and create custom shortcuts at design time in two ways: using a shortcut editor or directly in a markup. To display the shortcut editor, click the Shortcuts property's ellipsis button in the Properties window while designing.

    ASPxHtmlEditor - Design Time Customization

    The code sample below demonstrates how you can specify shortcuts in markup. The first shortcut invokes a MyDialog custom dialog. The second shortcut redefines a default Ctrl+B shortcut. The third shortcut assigns the default command bold to custom shortcut.

    Note that other default shortcuts (except Ctrl+B) are still in effect.

    <dx:ASPxHtmlEditor ID="MyHtmlEditor" runat="server">
              <dx:HtmlEditorCustomDialog Caption="My Custom Dialog" 
              FormPath="~/CustomDialogs/MyCustomDialog1.ascx" Name="MyDialog" />
              <dx:HtmlEditorShortcut ActionName="MyDialog" ActionType="ShowCustomDialog" Shortcut="Ctrl+D" />
              <dx:HtmlEditorShortcut ActionName="backcolor" Shortcut="Ctrl+B" />
              <dx:HtmlEditorShortcut ActionName="bold" Shortcut="Alt+B" />



    The ASPxHtmlEditor allows you to modify any shortcuts at run time. Simply use the methods provided in the HtmlEditorShortcutCollection collection.

    The code sample below demonstrates how you can modify a shortcut collection at run time:

    • The first shortcut invokes a MyDialog custom dialog.
    • The second shortcut redefines a default Ctrl+B shortcut.
    • The third shortcut assigns the default command bold to a custom shortcut.

    Note that other default shortcuts (except Ctrl+B) are still in effect.

    using DevExpress.Web.ASPxHtmlEditor;
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
         if (!IsPostBack) {
              MyHtmlEditor.Shortcuts.Add("Ctrl+D", "MyDialog", ActionType.ShowCustomDialog);
              MyHtmlEditor.Shortcuts.Add("Ctrl+B", "backcolor");
              MyHtmlEditor.Shortcuts.Add("Alt+B", "bold");


    ASP.NET MVC Supported too!

    These shortcuts can also customized for the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC HTML Editor extension too!


    What custom shortcuts have you added to the ASPxHtmlEditor? Drop me a line below with your thoughts, thanks!

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    Let's see what develops…


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