DXTREME Courier App - Free iOS App helps you deploy and test mobile apps

17 September 2012

Update: An Android version of the Courier App is available now in Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devexpress.dxtreme.courier

Download the new DXTREME Courier App from the Apple App Store to easily deploy and test your mobile apps for the iPhone or iPad.

DevExpress DXTREME iOS App



DXTREME is our new set of tools to help you build multi-channel apps. Or a set of client-side libraries that provide widgets, framework and more to build hybrid mobile apps and desktop web apps using one HTML 5, JavaScript, Knockout, and jQuery. Learn more here: DXTREME announcement page.

Problem: Testing mobile web apps

It can be difficult to test mobile web apps because of deployment. Typically in Visual Studio, a developer can just hit F5 and have Visual Studio launch an instance of their app locally. This provides the benefits of debugging and seeing a near perfect preview of the final deployed app.

For mobile web apps, testing is a challenge because mobile browsers do not behave the same on desktop browsers. Some desktop emulators are good but the best way to test a mobile web app would be on the actual mobile device.

Solution: DXTREME Courier delivers

Our new Apple approved DXTREME Courier app allows you to test your hybrid mobile web app using your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.). It's called Courier because it helps you deliver web apps.

The Courier app hosts your DXTREME web app and gives you the ability to experience how your mobile web app will behave on the mobile device, once you deploy it.

And we make it easy to add your web apps to Courier by just scanning a QR Code, which we provide. To get started:

1. Download the app here.

2. Launch the app. After loading, you'll see one entry for an app that is already added to the Courier list.


That entry is for the sample app, DXTravel, which was coded using DXTREME.


Learn more by visiting the DXTravel demo page.


3. Click 'Add' on the App Toolbar to add a new web app to test. This will bring up the camera which allows you to scan a QR Code. It looks like this:

QR Code

Once you scan this code, it will add and load your web app. Btw, the QR Code above links to the Wikipedia article about QR Codes so I don't actually recommend scanning that particular code, even though the Courier App will load it. Smile


Where does this QR Code come from?

DevExpress provides the QR Code and ability test from your local machine for you! And this is one of my favorite features of DXTREME.

When you create an app using DXTREME inside of Visual Studio 2012, we provide this functionality automatically.

So a typical scenario would like:

1. Create DXTREME web app inside of Visual Studio 2012.

Screenshot (2)

2. Add some views. Hit F5 to run the solution and you'll be presented with the following screen on your desktop web browser:

Screenshot (7)

3. From the Courier app, scan the QR Code on the bottom left side of your browser and it will load the web app that is running on your local machine on your phone! Yes, you'll be able to see a live preview and debug on your mobile device, while the app is running on your local machine.

Amazing, right!?! We've created a special cloud service using Windows Azure to give you this special ability. DevExpress DXTREME PhoneGap Supported


PhoneGap Built-In

Our DXTREME Courier app has PhoneGap built in.

This means that your DXTREME web app, running inside of the Courier app, is able to call native functions that are supported by PhoneGap. For example, you can access the camera, GPS, etc.


Secure & Restricted Access

We have also implemented security features into the Courier app. We have restricted the file system and contact list access as potentially dangerous. This means you can't enter or scan ANY url because it is not safe to let it run any app. Currently, you can only display apps from our site or those published through our DXProxy service.


User App Registry

In final release version of the Courier app, you will have your own "App Registry". This registry will list the "official" URLs for the user's apps and those apps will be listed in Courier after login. In the current beta version, this feature is not published yet and which is why the "Login" feature does not work.


Download the free Courier app from the Apple App Store and easily test your DXTREME mobile web apps.


Create beautiful experiences across devices and platforms...

DXTREME tools deliver an innovative solution for developers who want to create stunning, multi-screen applications across platforms and devices, from Windows 8 devices and the iPad to smartphones like the iPhone and Android. With the power of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript tools in DXTREME developers can also build interactive and engaging web applications that push the boundaries of user experiences to a new level.

Learn more here: http://devexpress.com/Subscriptions/DXTREME/

14 comment(s)
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

Is there going to be an Android version coming soon?

17 September, 2012
James Zhong

Great! Do you have any plan to support Android?

17 September, 2012
Serge T (DevExpress)

Sure, we are already working on the Android version of the DXTREME Courier.

18 September, 2012
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Brendon and James,

As Serge mentioned, there will be an Android version of this app in the future. :)

18 September, 2012
James Carter

Hi, should the ability to scan QR codes when running a VS2012 project on a local machine work now?  I am getting an error re the application ID not being found?


13 November, 2012
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


That's unusual, could you report it to our support center so they can investigate it please?


13 November, 2012
James Carter

Hi, as long as the technology SHOULD work, chances are it's a proxy server issue at this end so I will work with our internal IT first, but thanks for confirming it should work already


14 November, 2012

Hello DevExpress,

         Is it possible to test the Android app using the QR code? Could you please give me the steps to to test Android app using QR code?

3. From the Courier app, scan the QR Code on the bottom left side of your browser and it will load the web app that is running on your local machine on your phone! Yes, you'll be able to see a live preview and debug on your mobile device, while the app is running on your local machine.

the above statement means , is it possible to test Android App?

How can I test Android app?

14 March, 2013
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


An Android version of the Courier App is available now in Google Play Store: play.google.com/.../details

Download it, then scan the QRCode of the DXTREME app and you should be able to test it on your device.


14 March, 2013
Marc Greiner (DevExpress MVP)

Hi Mehul!

Wow, this works incredibly great and is so simple to use!

You did such a great job!

The QR code location (down at the bottom of the browser page) can be a bit hard to aim at with a big tablet.

I found out that I have to keep stationary for a few moments so that the tablet gets the QR code right.

DXTreme rocks!

31 May, 2013
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Thanks Mark!

31 May, 2013
manoj kumar 58

how to run app in ipad device  made applicaion in dxtreme

19 July, 2013
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Manoj,

Please take a look at http://phonejs.devexpress.com/

If you have any questions about it, please contact our support team here: www.devexpress.com/.../CreateIssue.aspx


19 July, 2013
Harold Arkoff 1

Hi Mehul

After I test my android and iOS app I built in DXtreme Mobile, can I use Courier to deploy my app to my customers? If the answer is yes, can you provide me with detailed instructions as my app and web services are not going to be permanently hosted on my own workstation but on GoDaddy servers.

21 July, 2013

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