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01 October 2012

Join me this Thursday, October 4th, at 10am PST for the '' webinar. You'll learn about how we built the new "Clinical Trial" demo app using ASP.NET MVC and DevExpress MVC extensions:

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Level: Beginner (100)

Platform: ASP.NET Controls


The new DevExpress "Clinical Trial" demo app is simply loaded with functionality. In this webinar, DevExpress ASP.NET Product Manager, Mehul Harry will show you how it was built using the ASP.NET MVC framework and DevExpress MVC extensions. You will learn about the specific DevExpress MVC extensions used to build the user interface and how they fit into the MVC framework. We’ll also dive deep into test-driven development and web architecture.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how a powerful and rich ASP.NET MVC website can be created by using DevExpress MVC.  MVC beginners are encouraged to attend!

Clinical Trial Demo

DevExpress MVC Clinical Trial Demo

Test drive the demo online now to see a powerful application that leverages many of the DevExpress MVC extensions.

DevExpress MVC Clinical Trial Demo


Register and then join the webinar. Hope to see you there, thanks!


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5 comment(s)
Saif Khan

Now that's what i am talking about!

2 October, 2012
Alain Bismark

very impressive application!


6 October, 2012
Luis Madaleno


Can we view this webinar again?

Is there a recorded video at DX TV?


8 October, 2012
Geert Depickere

You can find it on YouTube at

8 October, 2012
Luis Madaleno

Thanks @Geert, I was looking in

8 October, 2012

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