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20 December 2012

Good news, we have moved the all the informative and educational content from our channel to our YouTube channel:


Now when you browse to, you’ll be redirected to our YouTube channel.


Why YouTube?

YouTube is the largest video site on the planet and it provides great benefits for content producers like us and for you, our loyal customers:

Mobile apps

YouTube provides mobiles apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and more. In fact, they support a plethora of devices from smart tvs, game consoles, media streaming boxes, and more! Take a look at the full list here:

You can also use their excellent mobile website in your smart phone (or tablet’s) browser:

Worldwide coverage

The YouTube platform is capable of delivering videos quickly around the globe because of the vast array of scalable Google servers and architecture. This is a great benefit for our customers, especially those on the other side of the world.

Automatic Format Conversion

We upload high definition quality videos to our YouTube channel and YouTube will convert them to different formats that can be played in various quality settings.

HTML 5 Video Player

For HTML 5 fans, you can also try out their HTML 5 video player which doesn’t use flash video or other plugins but the new HTML 5 video element. Read more here.


What about older videos?

Our goal is to provide you quality, professional content that is up to date and relevant. Therefore, we have moved over the most useful and relevant videos to our YouTube channel.

If there’s an older video that you have a link to then it may still be available for download. Simply search for it. For example, this search brings up some of my classic ASPxGridView videos:

DevExpress Search: ASPxGridView (filter for only ‘TV Channel’)

We’ve also made a special page that allows you to download our older videos. If you have a direct link to a video like this one, then you’ll be directed to a special download page. However, I recommend using the YouTube channel search feature. I’ve made a little animated gif that shows how. (here I’m searching for videos with the keyword ‘pivot’):



Subscribe to the DevExpress YouTube Channel

Visit our YouTube channel and click the subscribe button:

Thanks for watching.


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