New ASP.NET Image Gallery Control (coming soon in v2013 vol 1)

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28 May 2013

Check out the new DevExpress ASP.NET Image Gallery Control coming out in the first major release of DXperience in 2013:

DevExpress ASP.NET Image Gallery Control - Responsive - Desktop Browser

An Image Gallery is a great way to present a set of images from your website. And the DevExpress ASP.NET Image Gallery control provides 3 great features to help you:

1. Responsive page layout
2. Touch, Slide Animation, & More
3. Easy to use (Folder binding)
4. Data binding to data sources


The DevExpress ASP.NET Image Gallery control provides support for a responsive page layout. The same layout above in the desktop FireFox browser is shown on the iPad and iPhone below:

DevExpress ASP.NET Image Gallery Control - Responsive - iPad Tablet Browser

DevExpress ASP.NET Image Gallery Control - Responsive - iPhone Mobile Browser

And because it’s responsive, it will adapt to other devices too like Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

Touch, Slide Animation, & More

The Image Gallery also provides great usability. For example, when viewing an image, an image navigation bar is automatically displayed when hovering the mouse over the image:

DevExpress ASP.NET Image Gallery Control - Responsive - Great Controls

Touch is also fully supported for all major devices on iOS, Android (v3.0+), and Windows 8.

The same great slide animation that you’ve seen on our Image Slider control is also available automatically for the Image Gallery control too!

In fact, many of the Image Slider features are available on the Image Gallery too.

Easy to use (Folder binding)

To start using the DevExpress ASP.NET Image Gallery control, just set the SettingsFolder.ImageSourceFolder property, then the images are scaled and thumbnails are created automatically.

Data Binding

The DevExpress ASP.NET Image Gallery control can be populated with image information taken from a data source and it can also be bound to a data source using the DataSourceID or DataSource property. While binding, the control automatically creates image items and retrieves their property values from the corresponding data items.

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E Brito
E Brito

That's a great addition to the ASP.NET suite. Well done.

Are we by any chance getting an MVC extension for this or... is it too early to tell :-)

28 May 2013
Defacto Software
Defacto Software

Good to hear it's responsive. The 2013 roadmap seems to state the ambition to make all ASP.NET & MVC controls responsive. Will this be part of the 2013.1 release?

30 May 2013

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