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September 2013 - Posts

  • Download the beautiful Clinical Study theme for DevExpress ASP.NET & MVC controls

    Check out the image below of the beautiful DevExpress ASP.NET MVC “Clinical Study” demo:

    DevExpress 'Clinical Trial' Demo - ASP.NET MVC

    The demo shows off some of our ASP.NET MVC controls (such as the GridView, charts, PivotGrid, and editors) in a representative example app. You can learn more about this ClinicalStudy demo by watching the webinar referenced in this blog post: : "A Powerful ASP.NET MVC Web Application – DevExpress Clinical Study Demo”

    A Custom Theme

    For the purposes of this demo, we created a special theme that helps show how flexible and beautiful the DevExpress MVC extensions are. We called this special theme, ClinicalStudy, to go along with the app. However, it was only created for this particular demo, so was not shipped as part of our regular set of themes.

    Nevertheless, we have received a lot of requests from customers who want to use this theme. So we are officially going to release this theme to you, our loyal customers. Before I give you the download link though there are some disclaimers about using this theme:


    1. This is a not a full theme. Do not expect every DevExpress control to be customized in the same way. The controls that are supported are (GridView, PivotGrid, Chart, TreeList, and Editors). Also, the theme may not fully support all visual elements of these controls.
    2. There is no official support for this theme. Use it by all means, but since it is not a full theme that’s part of the product, we do not provide support for it. However, …


    Get the beautiful (even though it’s not complete) ClinicalStudy theme here:

    Customize it

    Like other DevExpress ASP.NET themes, this one can be customized using the DevExpress ASP.NET Theme Builder tool.

    Note: If you get any DevExpress version errors, you may need to use the DevExpress Project Converter tool.

    Request for Full Theme

    Now, let’s say you and your end-users fall in love with this theme and want DevExpress to spend our time to extend it in to a full theme. Here’s what I recommend, track this suggestion: Q524751

    Because creating a theme that works across all the desktop and mobile browsers that we support is time consuming. Time we could spend to create new controls and features. So we need to make sure that the time invested is valuable enough to our customers (aka you). Thank you.

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  • What’s the difference between a report and a control?

    A report and a control are both great ways to present information. However, there are a couple of differences which may help you to decide when to use a report and when to use a control.

    Static vs Dynamic

    A report or account is any informational work (usually of writing, speech, television, or film) made with the specific intention of relaying information or recounting certain events in a widely presentable form.[1] –Wikipedia

    Wikipedia defines a report as information in a presentable form. Therefore, a report is something that you spend time crafting and make it look very good because the end-user may print or email it.

    A user interface control, on the other hand, is dynamic. You and your end-users can interact with a control: move columns, group data, check boxes, edit data, and so much more.

    A beautiful report

    DevExpress Master-Detail Reporting Online example here

    Here’s an example of how a reports make your data look beautiful. Colors, lines, fonts, etc. The data even shows you master-detail hierarchy. Now let’s compare that with a control.

    A powerful control

    DevExpress Master-Detail Grid Online example here

    Here’s an example of the DevExpress ASP.NET GridView that shows master-detail layout. While it doesn’t look as pretty as the predefined report, it is beautiful and perfect for engaging and interactive live usage. We can page through the data, expand/collapse the master-detail rows, sort the data, and so much more.

    Reports & Controls, best of both...

    If you want to make the best UI and provide a great experience for your end-users, then use DevExpress Reports and Controls together! Don’t compromise.

    Use the powerful DevExpress UI controls to build your application interface. Then, you can provide export and printing capabilities by creating custom reports. And everyone wins and lives happily ever after.

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