Automated Web Testing: TestCafe 14.1 is Here!

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08 April 2014

Check out what's New in the TestCafe 14.1.1 release:

(Not familiar with TestCafe yet? Read this FAQ)

Web based Test Code Editor - A new built-in editor allows you to edit your test scripts instantly and online. So not only do you record online, you can now edit online too!

Enhanced Configuration and Setting Options - We have extended TestCafe's Control Panel and improved the way in which you manage test settings for your web applications.

Extended API Functions - Two new user actions (navigate and waitFor) have been added to TestCafe's API. There's also a new dialog handling function that closes a dialog shown when a window is about to be unloaded (handleBeforeUnload).

Improved Architecture and Test Core - Our commitment is to constant and never-ending improvement and so TestCafe 14.1 ships with a significantly improved core engine. The updated architecture improves TestCafe's reliability and addresses a number of usability requests from users such as yourself.

New Installer for Windows Users - TestCafe v14.1 now ships with a simplified Windows installer for those testing web apps on the Windows operating system.

And there's more all the great new 14.1 enhancements here!

5 Reasons to use TestCafe

Here's 5 reasons why TestCafe is the best web testing tool out there:

  1. Plug-in Free - Other solutions require you to download browser plugins before you can get started. TestCafe let's you get started right away without any plugins.
  2. Visual Test Recorder - A test recorder that works with any browser: locally and on remote machines.
  3. 100% Web Based - Unlike competing products, TestCafe does not pretend to be something it's not. TestCafe is not built to test Windows client apps. TestCafe was engineered from ground up to be a fully optimized web testing tool for web developers and QA engineers.
  4. Easy API - The API is simple. For example, want to call simulate a double-click mouse action? Just call act.dblclick.
  5. Dedicated support - You get 12 months of support from a world class team of developers. All for only $499 per developer license.


So how does TestCafe stack up against the competition? Take a look at this list below to see why TestCafe is the right choice for your web-based functional testing needs.

TestCafe vs Competitors

TestCafe + Browser Stack provides live, web-based browser testing with instant access to all desktop and mobile browsers.

And using the TestCafe module for BrowserStack, you can run your automated functional tests anywhere!

Read this blog post to learn more about BrowserStack and TestCafe.

Get started today

TestCafe is easy to get started with. Just download, install, and you're ready to record your first test.

Watch this short 3 minute video to get started today: DevExpress: Easy Web Testing with TestCafé

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