ASP.NET: Round Panel New Features (Coming soon in v14.1)

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27 May 2014

The DevExpress ASP.NET Round Panel has been improved for the upcoming v14.1 release. It's now faster and supports loading content on callbacks:

CSS3 - No Images

The DevExpress ASP.NET Round Panel control now uses CSS3 for all demos. That means we're now drawing the rounded corners using CSS markup instead of using images. This results in faster loading since your browser doesn't have to download images and less HTML rendering.

Load Content On Demand

Another great new feature is "Load Content on demand". This allows you to dynamically load the content of the Round Panel after it is expanded. The Round Panel will use a callback to fetch the content.

This feature also helps you to improve your website response time on initial load.

Metro - No Round Corners

This may seem odd. Take a look at this screenshot below of the Round Panel using the Metropolis and MetropolisBlue themes:

Metro Round Panel

Because the "Metro" design principle doesn't use any concept of rounded corners, we've chosen to follow the principle and create a Round Panel without rounded corners for the Metropolis and MetropolisBlue themes.

Now, whether you're fan of rounded corners or not, DevExpress designers study the design guidelines and make sure you're getting the best and beautiful themes for ASP.NET.

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