ASP.NET: HTML Editor - External Ribbon Control (v14.1 release)

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03 June 2014

In the v14.1 release you can separate the Ribbon control of the DevExpress ASP.NET HTML Editor easily:

DevExpress ASP.NET HTML Editor - Exteranl Ribbon Control

With this release, you can manipulate the ASP.NET HTML Editor control using an external ASP.NET Ribbon Control.

And it's very easy to connect an external Ribbon control to the DevExpress ASP.NET HTML Editor. Simply set the ToolbarMode property to ExternalRibbon.:

And if the full-screen mode is activated then the external ribbon will be displayed at the top of the page.

Why make a Ribbon external?

As you can see from the image above, an external Ribbon control allows you flexibility for different types of layouts. For example, the external Ribbon control above has more width and serves as nice top bar.

Custom Color Picker in toolbar

We've also added the ability to select a custom color within toolbar color pickers. And the collection of custom colors can be maintained in cookies.

The color picker is our very own ASPxColorEdit control which you can see a demo of here: DevExpress ASP.NET Color Edit Control - demo.

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