ASP.NET - TextBox NullText for Passwords (Now available in 14.1)

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24 June 2014

Check out this ASP.NET TextBox feature in the 14.1 release that let's you define the NullText for password fields:

DevExpress ASP.NET TextBox - NullText for Password

(Click the image to see a live demo)

The DevExpress ASP.NET Editors have supported NullText in previous releases. However, (before 14.1) the ASPxTextBox did not allow you to define NullText when its type was set for Password.

I'm happy to report that the ASPxTextBox now supports NullText with the v14.1 release.

It's a small but very useful feature.

What? What’s this NullText?

NullText is grayed out text inside of an editor that gives your website visitor a hint as to what they should or could input:

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