ASP.NET Data Editors: Date Edit, Clear Button and Binary Image Enhancements (Coming soon in v14.2)

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30 November 2014

Check out these new features of the DevExpress ASP.NET Data Editor controls in the v14.2 release:

Date Edit - Date Ranges

DevExpress ASP.NET Date Ranges

You can now create a date range using the DevExpress ASP.NET DateEdit control. Two controls specifically that link to each other to provide a UI for the end-user to select the range.

And you can customize it beyond just the start and end dates. You can set things like minimum and maximum number for the range of days and even specify the error message.

Clear Button

We've improved most of the DevExpress ASP.NET editor controls to support a clear button:

Editors supporting buttons like Combo Box, Date Edit, Spin Edit, etc. get the option to display a clear button that allows you to reset an editor's content. The button visibility is toggled depending on the editor focus and value.

A clear button helps users save time when editing a mis-typed value in an input control.

Binary Image - Server Resizing

The ASP.NET Binary Image control now allows you to re-size and crop images on the server-side.

This feature helps you to significantly reduce the amount of data sent to the client and make your web application more responsive.

Binary Image control will render images depending on the control's width and height property values and image size mode. Supported image size modes are ActualSizeOrFit, FitProportional and FillAndCrop.

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Christopher Todd
Christopher Todd

This is great!! Thanks!

30 November 2014
George Fahnbulleh_1
George Fahnbulleh_1

Now you talkin'  Getting closer Mehul....getting closer!

2 December 2014

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