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07 January 2015

With the v14.2 release, you can now create a menu that behaves like the one at

DevExpress ASP.NET Web Menu - Full Width Browser

This slick new feature of the DevExpress ASP.NET Menu control is called 'full-width submenu'. And yes, the feature was inspired by the main menu.


A full-width menu can be very useful and provides benefits like:

  1. A large popover (overlay) menu that spans the whole browser width. Great way to get the user's attention.
  2. The full-width spans to different browser sizes.
  3. It's great for menus that have many options.


The new full-width submenu feature of the DevExpress ASP.NET Menu control is available for both ASP.NET WebForms and MVC.

Semantic Markup

Another great feature of the DevExpress ASP.NET Menu is that uses semantic lightweight markup! I described in an earlier post about our menu control providing semantic markup. And the great thing is that you don't even need to use the 'RenderMode' property anymore.

The DevExpress ASP.NET Menu control provides semantic markup by default.

Try Online Demo

DEMO - ASP.NET Menu - Full-width Submenu

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