DevExpress Icon Library Explorer & New Shopping Cart Icons

25 March 2015

Check out this small sample that allows you to explore the DevExpress set of icons included with your DXperience Subscription:

Interactive tool

The DevExpress DXperience subscription includes over hundreds of beautiful and professionally designed icons. And you can use these icons with the DevExpress controls because we provide dialogs in Visual Studio for you to choose the icons.

However, there wasn't a decent way to search through the icons outside of Visual Studio.

So we've made an interactive tool (sample) that allows you to search for icons.

And because new icons are added as we develop new controls, demos, etc., you can use the tool to find which icons are included in your installed version.

Code example

The tool is available as a code central example project that you can download and run on your local Visual Studio:

Run online: Icon Library Explorer

Download: Source code - Icon Library Explorer - T205563

Help topic: Icon Collection

The sample uses the excellent DevExpress ASP.NET GridView control to see all the available icons.

New Shopping Cart Icons

In the DXperience v14.2.6 minor release, we've added 2 new shopping cart icons:

These icons are available as 16x16 and 32x32, enjoy!

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9 comment(s)

How does one use these icons in XAF?

25 March, 2015
Christopher Todd

Love the Office 2013 icons, but can't use them until the 24x24 icons are available.

25 March, 2015
Matthew Roberts 9

Please add a winforms app with same features to the DEVEXPRESS menu in visual studio.

25 March, 2015
Brian Maxim

yep, I 2nd 24x24 icons.

26 March, 2015
Steve Sharkey

Nice app

26 March, 2015
George Fahnbulleh_1

This is good!

26 March, 2015
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@John01: Refer to the  ticket to learn more on how to use images from the DevExpress.Images library in XAF.

27 March, 2015
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Christopher, Matthew, & Brian,

Could you please add these suggestions to our support center?


27 March, 2015
Christopher Todd

It is already there. 2 yrs in the making.

29 March, 2015

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