ASP.NET MVC - Secondary enhancements (Shipping in v15.1)

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09 June 2015

Now that the DevExpress v15.1 release is available, I wanted to highlight 4 smaller enhancements that you may not have seen:

Minor Enhancements

1. GridView - Provide the capability to use the Search Panel in Custom Data Binding mode.

A new SearchPanel property has been added to the GridViewModel class.

The property's type (DevExpress.Web.Mvc.GridViewSearchPanelState) exposes the following properties:

  • ColumnNames
  • Filter
  • GroupOperator

(more info)

2. PivotGrid - Provide a way to customize control settings before export.

The new MVCxPivotGridExportSettings.BeforeExport property allows you to customize settings before exporting.

(more info)

3. DevexpressEditorsModelBinder - Support binding multiple values selected in MVC Extension editors to a Model's collection-type property.

DevExpressEditorsBinder now supports binding to complex collection-type models and model properties, in a similar manner as the default model binder (DefaultModelBinder) does.

(more info)

4. Binary Image Column Editing

The DevExpress MVC BinaryImage extension can now provides editing features. It has a built-in upload functionality that allows users to upload an image direct to the server and set the BinaryImage column. And you can use it within the DevExpress MVC GridView extension. Simply set up your BinaryImage column and choose your settings:

    settings.Columns.Add(c => {
        c.FieldName = "Photo";
        c.ColumnType = MVCxGridViewColumnType.BinaryImage;
        var properties = (MVCxBinaryImageEditProperties)c.PropertiesEdit;
        properties.ImageHeight = 170;
        properties.ImageWidth = 160;
        properties.ImageSizeMode = ImageSizeMode.FitProportional;
        properties.CallbackRouteValues = new { Action = "BinaryImageColumnPhotoUpdate", Controller = "Editing" };
        properties.EditingSettings.Enabled = true;
        properties.EditingSettings.UploadSettings.UploadValidationSettings.MaxFileSize = 4194304;

Check out this onlie demo to learn more.

What's new in v15.1

The DevExpress ASP.NET MVC extensions have gotten some major new upgrades and enhancements in the v15.1 release. Check out the full list here:

And be sure to check out the latest addition to our MVC suite:

New Rich Text Editor

V15.1 includes our newest MVC Extension – the DevExpress Rich Text Editor for MVC. Like its WebForms counterpart, this extension allows you to introduce powerful word processing capabilities to your next MVC app. The Rich Editor ships with a comprehensive set of text formatting options and a rich collection of Microsoft Word-inspired features.

DevExpress MVC Rich Text Editor - Online demo


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