DevExtreme Mobile, VS Tools and Data Layer - Enhancements (15.2)

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18 December 2015

The DevExtreme Mobile framework has a ton of enhancements in the v15.2 release. And the release is available now but first, let’s take a closer look at the enhancements:

SPA Framework Performance Improvements

We have significantly improved performance of the DevExtreme SPA framework.

And we have implemented a caching mechanism to speed-up application loading and initialization on subsequent startups.

Click on the following images to see the charts in detail. They display the time in milliseconds spent on a particular operation performed using our SPA framework between versions 15.1 and 15.2, and the performance growth for different platforms.


Visual Studio Integration

A new Cordova Application project template enables you to use all benefits of an Apache Cordova application (capability to build the app for different platforms including Windows 10 and iOS 9) in addition to DevExtreme application features such as designer and view wizards.

This template is based on a standard Blank App (Apache Cordova) template shipped with Visual Studio 2015 and includes DevExtreme project files, Bower configuration file, and a Grunt task used to update DevExtreme libraries.

Of course, building of applications for iOS 9 is also supported by other DevExtreme application templates.

And starting with version 15.2, you can load Phone Gap plug-ins used to build your application from the npm repository. Just add the gap element with the plug in name to the config.xml file and build custom application template.

New Win 10 theme

With the Windows 10 theme, you can now create mobile applications that look native on Windows 10 devices:

Integration with Parse Core library

DevExtreme data layer is ready to be seamlessly used with the Parse cloud data storage. Now you can utilize all the advantages of cloud storage and the Parse Core library in your DevExtreme apps. The Parse Core handles your entire backend so your team can focus on making an engaging user experience. You don't need to worry about databases, performance, or scaling.

For interaction with the Parse Core library, we have implemented the ParseStore class, which supports the universal Store interface accepted within the DevExtreme data layer. It enables you to easily bind data stored in a Parse cloud to DevExtreme widgets.


Have you tried the DevExtreme v15.2 release yet? I'd love to hear about it. Drop me a line below.




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jerome crevecoeur
jerome crevecoeur

Hi Mehul,

Do you have any sample complete to demonstrate devextreme works with

I tried this:

But includes are not correct. seems to me a good platform.

23 December 2015
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Jerome,

We checked the samples - there was some issues but now they're all fixed and the repository updated according to 15.2.4 version.

Julian our CTO also found the following issue:

Looking at the grid sample in particular, has he changed the authentication tokens in db.js in this statement:

   Parse.initialize("ApplicationID", "JavascriptKey");

(In the todo sample, the same line appears in app/data.js)

If not, I doubt it’d work.

If you still have issues then please contact our support team. Thanks.

25 December 2015
jerome crevecoeur
jerome crevecoeur

Thanks for your answer.

I was not fluent with git and nodejs.

Samples are good for me now.

For your information, Juste thd command line "npm install" don't copy knockout.js

I solve that with copy manually the file.

I 'll contact the support if i have any troubles.

26 December 2015
jerome crevecoeur
jerome crevecoeur

Hi Merul,

R.I.P parse.comm

Have you another plan to support API.

I don't want manage the back end and the Microsoft Azure seems to be expansive.

Have you any clouds / hosts to connect with devextreme ?

16 February 2016
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Jerome, is open-sourced now so it will continue to live on

We also support Jaydata, Breeze, as well as a few other data stores:

Hope that helps and thanks.

16 February 2016

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