How to display DevExpress Reports in Client-Side Web Apps

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08 August 2016

DevExpress ASP.NET Reporting is a great solution for your reporting needs. However, it's a server-side (ASP.NET) solution which means you cannot just plug it into a client-side app. So how do you display your XtraReports in a client-side app?

bower install xtrareportsjs

XtraReports has added a client-side report viewer and designer in recent releases. We've taken the core set of necessary files (JavaScript, CSS, etc.) and packaged them into a convenient bower package.

To display reports on the client-side:

  1. First, you'll need a web service to deliver the reports.
  2. Then, install this bower package in your client-side app.
  3. Finally, you'll need to setup your client-side app so the XtraReports client-side viewer can display the reports.

Ok, so that's the overview of the steps. To see all the gory details, watch my recent webinar video.

Webinar Video

In the webinar video, I discuss and demonstrate the how you can display DevExpress ASP.NET Reports in client-side apps.

T370591 Sample

There's also a fully contained sample that you can download and run on your local machine: T370591 - How to use HTML5 Document Viewer within a DevExtreme application

I'd love for you to watch the video and then try the sample too.

What do you think about sample? You can email me, drop me a comment below, or even tweet me.


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