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17 August 2016

In the June release of DXperience v16.1, we introduced two new mobile themes:

1. Material Theme

The first new theme is called Material and it's based on Google's Material design. And it looks great:

You can see from the video above that this theme has touch animations. Therefore, when you click or touch certain elements, you'll see a brief animation.

The Material design theme has larger touch targets when compared to other DevExpress ASP.NET themes. So it's probably best to use it for mobile scenarios. But don't let me stop you from using it for your desktop scenarios too; after all, we all have touch screens, right?

2. iOS 9 Theme

The new iOS 9 theme replaces our older iOS theme. This new iOS 9 theme is inspired by Apple's iOS 9 design.

The new iOS 9 theme also provides larger touch targets so that your end-users can use their fingers as touch inputs on mobile devices (similar to the Material theme).

Check out this short video to see it in action:

16.1 What's New Webinar

In case you missed it, check out the v16.1: What's New for ASP.NET Webforms and MVC extensions

In the webinar, I discuss the new themes and other new items that we introduced in the v16.1 release.


Both of these new themes are customizable. You can change the base font or base color easily using the DevExpress ASP.NET Theme Builder tool. Learn more here:

Download v16.1 today and try one of the new mobile-friendly ASP.NET themes!

Which theme is your favorite? Drop me a line below, thanks!

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